Bullitt 2001 Bullitt or 1996 SVT Cobra

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jsml222, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. I am interested in purchasing a limited production mustang. I am looking at a 2001 Bullitt with about 60,000 miles on it and a 19996 Cobra with about 60,000 miles. Both are priced in the mid $13,000 range. Which car is the better deal from both a performance and cost standpoint?
  2. Those miles on the Bullitt seem a bit high to me, whereas the Cobra sounds about right. Obviously the Bullitt has been a well-used daily driver in its three years of existance. My 01 Cobra has just past only 12,000 miles for comparison sake. Performance for either is going to be impressive and I'd suspect that it would be rather close at least at usable speeds. If it were not for the higher miles, I believe I'd go with the Bullitt.

    Just for curiosity, what colors are these two you're looking at?
  3. 2001 Bullitt vs 1996 SVT Cobra

    The Bullitt was highland green. After inspecting both cars, I decided to purchase the Cobra. The Cobra is laer red with a black leather interior. The Cobra was owned by a 45 year old. He was the original owner, and pampered the car. It was garaged for its entire life. It was in immaculate condition both interior and extereior wise. The car is 100% stock. The owner serviced the car at a local ford dealership, and produced reciepts for all repair and maintence work ( oil changed every 3000 miles religiously). The owner also provided the window sticker, bill of sale, cards from the sales guy who sold him the car, cancelled check he used to purchase the car. SVT certificate and all manuals. This was the cleanest 8 year old car I have ever seen (excluding show cars that are never driven). We settled on a price of $12,000. A little over what edmunds says the car is worth, but it is in immaculate condition.

    The Bullitt was a daily driver. It was owned by a 29 year old. It was clean in and out, but needed new tires and a wheel alignment. I chose not to purchase it because the Cobra was in better condition, and the owner of the Bullitt wouldn't move on the price to address the tire issue. I was impressed by the performace of both cars, but my seat ot the pants feeling was that the Cobra was much more powerful.
  4. Sounds like a great car. The laser red is a beautiful color, particularly on that bodystyle. While, I like the Bullitts and afterall this is a Bullitt forum, I think you probably made the right choice in this case and I'll say welcome to the SVT family! You'll certainly enjoy that Cobra and the looks you get.
  5. the high revving 4v does appear to be faster than a bullitt....

    but my buddy in his 97 cant touch my bullitt right now, he is still getting used to it. the cobra sounds nice.. but you could have found a bullitt with alot less miles for around the same price. do you happen to know the number of the dhg bullitt you were looking at?

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