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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Riggs, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. How much should a 2001 Bullitt with 104k miles be going for? I saw one for sale up the street from me and I entered all the info and it came back $8500 but the guy is asking $11K. Doesn't that seem high? It is very good condition but from a collectability stand point, should it really be costing more?
  2. Old post, but......
    Yes, that is an awfully high asking price. I personally wouldn't pay a dime over $8500 for one with that many miles. As a matter of fact, I personally wouldn't even consider buying one with that many miles on it.
  3. yea for real, i bought mine 3 months ago, it had 56k miles on it, i paid 12k for it..........and it came with a full 3" stainless exhaust, bbk ceramic long tube headers, and 40series flows out the back
  4. Congrats on the purchase!!!

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  5. i would consider sellin mine for 8500. i have 86k miles and it is stock. no aftermarket exhaust. k&n filter, some personalized stuff like shifter knob. contact me at imboc.com. my name is udbullitt. or send me a pm on here if interested.
  6. i no longer own the car in my sig.
  7. I saw one on Ebay now

    I think there is one on Ebay just now I think is in the Los Angeles area now they are bidding at around 9-10000, got 60000 miles and look like nice

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  8. I'm thinking of selling ine but have not locked in a price yet pic in my sig 38,000 bone stock