2001 Cobra build needing more air

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  1. 2001 Cobra with internals and 0304 stock heads. 18cc pistons installed and I am not pushing near as much power as I could. Two 255lph pumps in an 03 04 cobra tank with a KB Boost A Pump and 440cc injectors so I have the fuel. I have a Vortech V2 S-Trim doing about 14lbs of boost with a really conservative tune.
    So the question is what would be the cheapest way to get more air? Can I rebuild my super charger with a different compressor housing and wheel, or would it be best just to get a new one? I know its a lot of pressure to be non intercooled so when do I step over that line?

    I want 550 at the wheels.

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  2. After research I'm ptuing an aftercooler on it and upgrading the supercharger to the Si trim.

    I think my issue is IATemps are not letting my timing be where it needs to be, not the lack of air.

    Too bad there is no help today lol