2001 Cobra? New Mach 1?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kane, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Ok...someone set the record straight for me. Does the new Mach 1 have more power than a 2001 Cobra? What are the stock HP/Torque numbers? I was at Bill Collins Ford in Louisville, KY over the weekend just checking out some of the cars there, and when I popped the hood on a Mach 1 they had there, I noticed the engine looked like a 99/01 Cobra engine. Now I already new that it was a 32 valver, but with the shaker hood, is it putting out more power than the '01 Cobra? I know the Mach 1 has a straight rear axle as opposed to the IRS, but does it have a better tranny than the 3650? Which car do you prefer? I'm really not that crazy about the styling/wheels/colors of the new Mach 1...but what is the deal with that car?
  2. The Mach1 engine is the engine that came in the 96 - 98 cobras and are rated @ 305HP, but people have done test and say they put out around 310 - 315.
  3. If all you intend to do is drive a quarter mile at a time in a straight line as fast as you can on bumpless roads............. definitely get the Mach. It'll get there faster than the '01 Cobra 9 times outta 10.

    Otherwise, I'd get the Snake while it's still available......... 2001's are the rarest production year of the 32-valve/ 4.6's. (7,251 total units produced)
  4. i have heard the mach 1s have a 6 bolt iron crank as opposed to the forged 8 bolt cranks in all the cobras.....even the 96-98s have these
  5. I have two things to say. First is for 1tufgt. You are incorrect about the Mach 1 engine being identical to the 96-98 Cobra. The Mach engine was a new design and is the same used in the Marauder and Lincoln Aviator.
    The cylinder heads, cams, and intake are completely different than those on the 96-98 Cobras. Sorry but the only thing they have in common is their horsepower ratings. Second is for Jax97Cobra. The only Mach 1's that have a 6 bolt flywheel are the automatics. The automatics also have a cast crank rather than the forged crank found on the five speed cars. The reason for this is because Ford mainly used the four falve motor in Cobras which were all 5 speeds. Cobras also always used forged cranks with 8 bolts. When the time came to use automatics behind the four valve motors, they needed to use a six bolt crank because all automatic flywheels have six bolts. The Lincoln Mark Vlll and Mach use the same crank which I believe is from an F-150 V8.
  6. yea..what he said, ford bumped it to 310hp 335tq cause they where underated..they make more tq than 99-01 cobra engines,u also get 3.55`s out back goto mach1registry.com..start readin
  7. I love the Mach 1, but a Cobra is a Cobra :shrug:
  8. I would take the Mach.. I mean they have always made the Cobra... Why not get the Mach a car they havent made in 20 years or so... I love the Shaker as well. Its rated at a little less hp, but I have seen people run [email protected] in the Mach.. Where as my buddy in his 01cobra ran [email protected] with Hpipe and FLowmasters... Eaither way, there both great cars
  9. blow the extra dough and get an 03 cobra? ive heard them going for 27.9K nowadays.
  10. The Mach's engine is underrated. The 99/01 Cobras should make the appropriate power levels as advertised (320hp). The Mach's is probably more like 330 at the flywheel as opposed to the advertised 305hp. The shaker scoop is going to be mostly for looks. Whatever little advantage there is in having air coming through the Mach's hood scoop, is likely lost due to its extraordinarily long intake tract, which snakes around rather than act in an "ram air effect" manner. The small differences, as stated above, is due to the 5.4 cams, minor head revisements and maybe even a slightly lower rear gear...3.55 vs. the Cobra's 3.27 rear gear.
    As for the Mach in general, while it still is somewhat a limited edition Mustang, the production for 2004 makes it a bit less limited even though one or two colors will remain limited. The Bullitt GT is probably more rare than the Mach 1, although not with the same engine. Its not a Cobra (obviously) but still one heck of a Mustang. That said, I would absolutely not trade my 01 Cobra for one. My credit is fine and my 01 definitely has equity, but the Mach doesn't interest me enough to consider a trade.

  11. I love the 01 Cobra, but a Mach is a Mach. :shrug:

    Truth is, who cares what the name is??? The Mach 1 is still a FORD MUSTANG and its better in all aspects than the 01 Cobra. Nuff said.

    Some of you Cobra boys sound like ricers when you spout off about "I have a COBRA..." or "but mines a Cobra" or " you can't beat the legend of the Cobra"
    bla bla bla its all a bunch of ricer talk. Numbers are what matters and the Mach 1 has the 01 Cobra beat in them all. When a Mach 1 blows by your 01 Cobra, does it give you a smile to say "but I have a Cobra"? lol Ricers
  12. pretty much the only thing the Cobra has on the Mach is IRS, I think its just over 1mph quicker in the slalom (sp?)
  13. I could have had a 03 Mach, 03 cobra or a 01 cobra. I tend to like naturally aspirated engines and I like the true blue color of the 01 cobra so I ended up with it. All three are great cars, but the combination of looks, handling and engine configuration of the cobra worked best for me. I ordered a 03 cobra, but the sonic blue color was not for me, so I bought the 01. I don't regret it a bit.

    To me, the cobra's seem to handle much better than the Machs, although I have not seen a good comparison between the 01 Cobra and the Machs on a road course.

    To me, the Mach feels stronger below 5000 RPM and the 01 Cobra feels stronger above 5000 RPM. If you look at an average dyno I think you'll see there is less than a 1% difference in average HP in the shift regions.
    Some of the newer Machs may be a bit stronger. The Cobras feel weak below 3500 RPM and the Mach's seem to fall flat after about 6000 RPM.
    The Mach felt stronger in third as well, much more than the difference between the 3.27s and 3.55 rear ends. would suggest.

    As far as coolness is concerned, both are great but for me it would be hard to beat a Mach.

    If you are looking for quarter mile times, the Mach's have the solid rear axial and the Cobra the IRS. I would not be surprised if the Cobra would lose 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds at launch. Wheel hop makes the 01 Cobra tough at best to launch.

    On the other hand, I don't think the Machs would have a chance against the 01 Cobra on any road course.

    I would suggest you drive all three and see what suits you best. I drove a 03 Mach after I had my Cobra, but since I have driven one I have no regrets getting the 01 Cobra.
  14. What happens if or when a 05/ 06 GT blows by your Mach 1? It could very well happen. Then its welcome to yesteryear as that new GT does everything yours could do (and perhaps more) and gets all the press while doing it. You see, you have to look past the performance and be able to find character in your car because cars like the ones we drive are only on top generally for a short time and then are surpassed by more refinement and better performance oftens times at a lower price.

    To answer the above question:
    Because many of us 01 owners do recognize the special character of our cars... I personally can say yes, I do smile and say "but I have a Cobra".
  15. Damn dude, judging by this post and other posts you've made, you are one cocky mofo :eek: You seem to have something against the Cobra's, why? A Mach 1 is a sweet car, but it does NOT "beat" the 01 Cobra in every catagory. Get off your damn high horse already :rolleyes:
  16. I hate most Cobra owners cause of what that dude said above "I still have a Cobra" is the battle cry of most of you guys!! Lol Lame! It sounds alot like the Honda Owners Cry " I still make 120hp per liter"....lol, Yeap...I pretty much hate Cobras cause of that reason. Let the car stand on its own merits, not its name. You may like the 01 Cobra better than the 03 Mach 1 and bla bla bla, but the rest of the world doesn't, I have article after article, timeslip after timeslip, people complimenting my car after compliment, street race after street race, that says an 03 Mach 1 was a better car for the money hands down. Sorry if this hurts your feelings...but like I said before, I have no problem acknowledgeing the fact that the 03-04 Cobra owns my Mach, why is it so difficult for the 01 and prior Cobra crowd to acknowledge the Mach 1 as there superior?
  17. Get over your bitterness bro. I will put it this way. I have owned Two Cobra's (01' and 03'). Oh wait. I own a Mach 1 now too. It sounds like you have been owned by an 01' and refuse to get over it. Don't live through other peoples posts. Put up your #'s and run with them. It is all good. The Cobra has a bit more prestige than the Mach does. It always will. That was the purpose of SVT. The Mach is a great car. It had me wondering what I liked more, the Macn or the 01'. They each have their good points and bad. Every person is going to have thier opinion about these two cars. They have their following, which is cool. The 01' Cobra should keep it's value a bit better than the Mach too. Since it is one of the lowest production #'s as of late. I am excluding the R. The funniest part of this, is that you are doing the same thing that you say Cobra owners do to you. :bang: I really don't think it is the Cobra owner, Dude. Look at how you approach things. Get a clue. They are both great cars. I have ran my 01' Cobra within .2 of my Mach. I think with a gear change it would be very close. Depending on the driver, it is a good race either way.
    On the comparison.... The Mach has been puting down the same HP #'s and better TQ #'s. The Cam profile is setup for TQ. The heads are setup the same way. The big issue that the 01' Cobra owners had was a lack of TQ with the 4 valve. Ford did a bit of engineering and matched some parts that they already had in stock and fixed the issue. It is great that they did it on a standard production car. I will bill A-Xing the Mach this year. We will see how it does. The extra TQ will be a very good plus in the tight courses.

  18. Thats my whole point, the Cobra doesn't have any more prestige with the general public, its a myth created by Cobra owners...

    Numbers are:
    13.23 @104.5MPH Totally Stock

    You like apples?? How you like them apples?
  19. Damn you are cocky! :notnice: It's pricks like you who give stang owners a bad rep. I'm not "in love" with the Cobra or anything, but I respect it as do I the Mach 1....but your attitude just plain sucks. I wouldn't be surprised if that POS CObra runs right by you on the top-end. Not EVERYTHING is low-end/quarter-mile times.

    Cobra has a better interior IMO, has just as good of brakes, and has a better rear-end IMO. Sounds like we have a hard-core mag racer in here :rolleyes:
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