2001 Cobra? New Mach 1?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kane, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Allright you two, let's take this slugfest to PM or e-mail...
  2. I don't see any need to get argumentative about the subject, but why shouldn't Cobra owners have pride in their cars? It sounds like to me that 01 Cobra owners are suppose to have some kind of remorse for not trading for a Mach, judging by some attitudes. Certainly, from my own experience, public sentiment usually is higher on Cobras then other Mustangs I've owned. I consider myself dedicated to Mustangs in that I haven't owned another model car in 12 years and this is my 5th one. I've had 3 GTs and 2 Cobras and the Cobras always have garnered more attention. Alot of people recognize a Cobra as a special car and by golly I guess that's generally what "SVT" is all about. Now, that isn't to say I don't admire the Mach 1s, Bullitts or even a nice-looking GT and that they aren't special cars either as I love all V8 Mustangs...but I do have a Cobra and I personally don't feel any need to apologize for having pride in my car. I don't consider it any more special for me than apparently what any other Mach or Bullitt owner might think of their car. Look over in the special production forum. I have always stated that I'd consider a Mach if I didn't already have the Cobra, but I certainly wouldn't consider trading mine for one. I like mine and I'm not going to cry everytime I see a Mach and pine away for one.
  3. Not it's not. It's 03 Cobra heads with an 01 Cobra intake. Rated at 305, but make closer to 325-330 HP. Lot of mach's are making 275-285 RWHP totally stock. Aside from the 03 Corba I like the 03/04 mach better than the 99.01 Cobra. It's faster, too.
  4. We weren't born Cobra owners.... there wouldn't be a SVT cobra for 10 years if it didn't have prestige with the general Public. This seems like some complex where you need to get acknowlegment from 01 Cobra owners for some reason.

    The Cobra moniker has its own appeal. The snake is a symbol. Apples to apples, the 03 Cobra is a better perfromer than the 03 Mach1 and carries more prestige with the general public. Guess what the 03 owners are also "COBRA OWNERS". There is no 01 Mach 1 to compare to the cobra. And I'm sure the 05 car will out perfrom the 03's. Only the A$$clown 05 owner would be on the boards demanding the 03 Mach1 owners to bow to their superiority.

    Hello, all of us have a choice in what we buy, if we prefer a cobra, you don't need our validations to feel good about your 03 Mach. If you trash talk our car's, expect a rebuttal, because we have pride in what we drive. No one came up to you and said your Mach1 is inferior. You trash talk the 01 and how its not as good as the Mach1 (an opinion I might add) and you get your panties in a bunch when you hear people actually prefer the appeal of a Cobra. If you don't give a fellow stanger any respect, don't expect any back.

    Why is that so hard to comprehend. Hate to break this to you, but if pride, looks and monikers didn't hold any merit with "the general public", the F-bodies that could be argued "a better car for the money hands down" than your Mach1, would be still around and the Mustang would be dead. But I'm glad that the general public doesn't feel that straight line performance is all that makes a car.

    We all drive Mustangs, it just that each of us prefer a different niche. And if you knew much about Mustangs, you would know that they don't stay stock for long, therefore arguments of which is superior is moot, especially when both cars have a 32v mod potential. /rant off

  5. It's ok...c'mon little Timmy it's ok. The boys aren't playing fair again?
    Here have some cookies. :D
  6. I cant believe all the fuss over two bada$$ cars that are very simaliar... ALso the mach is the 01 cobra motor like someone stated not the 96-98 cobra
  7. once again....the Mach 1 engine is NOT and will NEVER be a COBRA derived motor. The Mach 1 engine was new to 2003 and was used in the Mercury Marauder and Lincoln Avalant. It has nothing to do with an 01 Cobra Engine. Its far better!!
  8. Listen to yourself dude, you sound just simply pathetic. Like my little 8 year-old sister crying over the last bit of fruit loops. I know its alot for you to grasp, but try to follow along...

    Mach 1's are cool. It doesnt matter where they came from or what they were derived from.

    Cobra's are cool. It doesn't matter where the came from or what they were derived from.

    Cobras do, however, have a long-standing legacy and history. People can relate to them. You can read old magazine articles about how they were back in the day. You can talk to your dad about them, chances are he, or someone he knew, had one way back when.

    That is cool to me! And it is to alot of other guys as well.

    Mach 1's however, are a new model and have limited history. Thats fine! Not everyone cares if their car has a history. Theres nothing wrong with that. The fact that it may be faster than some other car is mute. Nobody realy cares.

    An 01 Cobra is faster than a Hot Dog cart. Its faster than a cavalier. its faster than a suburban. Who cares? I dont, and owners of those vehicles don't either.

    Here's an idea, why don't you sell that nice M1 to some other mustang enthusiast that repects it and the Mustang marque, and go buy an LS1, or even a civic. I think you'll fit in with those guys alot better than with us. I'm not hating here, you just don't seem to be a very happy person. I hope that changes for you soon
  9. I got my used 01 cobra back in August, and after driving my 91 5.0 for 10 years it's been pure heaven.
    I could give a rats ass about any prestige, i got a good deal, and I love the car.
    I also was impressed by the mach 1, but do they come in anything but ugly ass colors like the pastel blue or yellow?
    Also for those who have driven/owned both, the Cobra to me handles incredibly (sure after my 91)...does it handle better than the Mach?
    Has anyone put 3.55's in an 01 Cobra? Does it improve the low end?
  10. It truly saddens me that SVOKING owns a Mach 1, or any Mustang for that matter :nonono:

  11. A 3.27 to 3.55 is only about an 8% change in gear ratio, so I don't think it will improve performance much.

    I thought my Cobra handled much better than the Mach I drove, but I have not seen a side by side comparison.

  12. You are absolutely right.........the Mach 1 motor has nothing to do with a cobra motor. They came out with it just for the Mach and it's design was based on FE motors right....... :lol: You should get a clue dude! I love all mustangs and always will. When I bought my 01 in 01, there was no Mach 1 in production and there was no talk of it. If I was going to buy a mustang in 03 I would have seriously considered it, but I wasn't buying one in 03. You are basing something that has so much in common with a cobra plus two years of technology. For Fords sake I hope it would be better. You state your facts like a Mach 1 owns a 01 cobra like a V6. In a race .2-.4 is not much on the street. I am not bashing a Mach 1 by nomeans, but for your sake I hope you know how to drive.

    P.S Give us back out Cobra Crank(5sp only).......oh I forgot Mach 1's have nothing in common with 01's :shrug:
  13. < looks around > Seems to me you are the only one that resemble that "Ricer" remark you made earlier. "I'm better and faster then you. You're not that great" Warning! Ricer excuse alert!

    You have a nice car, quit bashing your fellow Stangers like a ricetard does. If this continues we will be forced to take the Stang from you and put you in a Riced out $hitbox. :nice:

  14. Continue what?? I pretty much can't stand you guys! You Cobra owners respond to every single "01 Cobra vs 03 Mach 1" thread with something like "but we have a Cobra..." or "03 Mach 1 isn't that fast...." or some other crap like that. You guys just can't get off your "Cobra is Superior" attitude long enought to give credit where it is due. It hurts you to say that the Non SVT Mach 1 is a better performer than you pretty little SVT Slowbra and cost LESS than you bought your slowbra for!!

    And as for that dude talking about how the Cobra has more legend and stuff!!??? Where have you been the last 38 years???? I don't remember Ford making and SVT Cobra back in the 60's and 70's??? Could be wrong. I do know that your precious Cobras actually owe there leneage to the 1984-1986 SVO. Thats right!!! The SVO is your legend. Don't believe me?? Read a book

    And for the last time, The 03 Mach 1 Engine is NOT a retuned, re anything Slowbra motor. It is a new design. The only thing it shares with the Slowbras is its a 4.6.

    Merry Christmas!
  15. Ok, this one's done... :lock:

    My apologies to Kane. Please feel free to start a new thread if you would like (it will remain strictly technical in nature or certain people will be :owned: ). :D
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