2001 cobra proper coolant system burping?

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  1. I replaced the waterpump in my 01 cobra and my car started to overheat. I burped it from the reserve. Stupid I know. I watched the temp gauge but I guess it was inaccurate. My car started smoking ( running hot and burning oil) so I keyed off and called a buddy. I then took the full cap off of the crossover coolant pipe. I continued to fill the hard line until it was completely full and overflowing. So I capped that off and left the reserve off and ran it for 15 minutes. It hasn't over heated or smoked. My question is an I supposed to let it burp from the hard line? I was told that as long as It has fluid going to it to just cap it off and it'll self burp. It was overflowing when I capped it so hopefully it's good. It has stopped smoking but has a small miss so maybe a plug fouled. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. This is my first 4v so please take it easy on me with the roasting.
  2. Definitely check every single plug well for liquid. Burp from the crossover. You might google this its tricky, a stealership can do it with a vacuum pump...
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  3. Correct the cross over is the proper place, I stick a funnel in the plug hole so as it burps fluid doesn't go anywhere ;)
  4. OH YEA! would you like you cobra blackened or extra crispy??

    Filling the top hard line until it is full is the way to go. Car does not even have to be on. Then drive. No burp included.