2001 Cobra Seats

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  1. I know I said that I was going to have to ease off my spending for a while, but these were too good to pass up.. I got a set of 2001 Cobra seats on ebay, front and rear, black leather outside with light grey inserts. my question is, I know the seating changed from 1998 to 1999. I think the tracks are different. Does anyone know how big of a hassle it will be to put these seats in?
  2. I have '99+ GT seats in my '95. The passenger and the rear seat go right in.

    For the driver's seat you'll need to put your rack onto the new seat. You pretty much bend the older rack when bolting it onto the new seat. Just get 3 of the screws on there but don't tighten, and hog out the hole in the rack for the 4th bolt. Then just tighten everything down evenly and it should bolt right in.

  3. Awesome.. I was afraid I'd have to buy a bunch of extra gear to get them in. Every time I do a mod on my car, something goes wrong that costs me a bag of money. Hope this is the exception!
  4. :nice:
  5. Good news: Cobra seats are on the way. :banana: Bad news: Ford dealer won't install them. Liability issue. :bs: Why I don't put them in myself, you ask? Lack of tools, lack of knowledge.. lack of courage to try! So I gotta take them to an independent shop, same one that put in my dual exhaust. --SIGH-- seems like every time I try to venture just a little outside the "factory stock" box, it turns out to be a huge, expensive hassle. :bang: But, as you can see, these are gonna be sweet.

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  6. dude, it's seats. why dont' you at least try the passanger side and do the back and at most just take the drivers seat to an independant shop. save yourself some cash and try!
  7. I have a leatherman tool, a hammer, and a screwdriver. (flat head.) Is that enough to swap seats?

    On the other hand, I have 2 boxes full of clay bar, polishes, waxes, and a dozen other cleaners for the appearance.

    Some people have mechanical ability. My level of mechanical ability is between that of a gum-smacking blonde airhead cheerleader and a 90 year old grandma. The most daring things I have done is change my own oil, and take out the interior panels in the door and dash and paint them. That was a nightmare, too.
  8. :rlaugh: I hear ya man!
  9. Dude you only learn once. Go to Sears get you a 120 piece rachet set, a plier set, screwdriver set and just tear into it.

    The seats consist of 4 bolts to remove them. That is all, nothing hard about it.
  10. ...except the difference in the tracks from the 98 to 99+ seats. And besides, I'm not too crazy about Sears. The one near me; no hot chicks work there, just guys and old ladies. :rlaugh:

    I'll take a look at it when the seats get here, but the problem with "just tearing into it" is, what happens if I screw something up? :jaw: And, believe me, if there's any remotely possible way to screw it up, I'll stumble onto it. But, like I said, I'll take a look at it, maybe the rear seat is easy enough for me to figure it out, given a couple of hours, 7 or 8 beers, and a whole lot of swearing.:eek:
  11. Yeah, today was all right..


    They're going in friday. I got work and finals (summer term sucks!) to keep me busy until then.
  12. OK they're in :nice:
    Turns out my car was wired for power seats on the driver's side all along, but my cheap cloth V6 seats weren't power. So, now I have a working power driver's seat. That's pretty cool.
    These were taken at a Mustang show in Vancouver, WA on 7/20. I got 2nd in the 94-98 class.. 1st was taken by a purple GT with a lot of buddies voting for her! It's all a popularity contest, you know..:p :bs:
  13. Wow, cool! Those look really good!