2001 Cobra vs 2003 Mach 1 Buy which?

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  1. Looking at two vehicles and I am new to the mustang world. Help me decide please.
    2001 Cobra 67,000 miles. $9000
    2003 Mach 1 63,000 miles $10,000
    The cars are in very similar shape. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Personally, I'd go for the Mach 1...
    2 years newer and 4000 less miles
  3. $10K for a Mach with 63,000 on it is a very good price I think. You usually see them with 90,000 on them for $10K.
  4. Both cars are priced about $3000 below their retail. It's a good deal on both vehicles.
  5. I was just at this crossroads myself and ended up with the Cobra, however, all the Mach 1's in my area were much more then that with generally more mileage. You can't lose really either way, the biggest difference I'd say other then the year model is would you rather have IRS or the shaker hood?
  6. The shaker hood is the main reason I am torn. I like the Mach 1 better in looks and the shaker. But the Cobra is, well, a Cobra. I am really interested in the speed more than the handling. The Cobra is supposed to be a hair faster but I have read quite a bit of debate on this subject. I am getting third party independent inspections done on both vehicles. I imagine I am going to go with the one that has the best result.
  7. 5 spd or auto?
  8. There are both 5 speed.
  9. Mach 1.

    The Mach is faster, and makes more torque. The Cobra is slightly over-rated, and the Mach is slightly under-rated. The only thing the Cobra is better at is handling b/c of the IRS, and that is only minimal.

    What color is each one of them?
  10. If it was me I would go for the Mach1, The reasons why are its got less mileage, its 2 yrs newer and the looks of that car are my favorite because it will stand out more imo than a 1999-2001 stock looking Cobra. Thats just my opinion though. Plus you cant go wrong with either car because of their potential to make serious power..:flag:
  11. Mach 1, as Will said, it is a faster car.
  12. Both are awesome cars, in just thinking if I was in your position idk which one i would take lol....but i would probably go with the mach. like earlier said, newer, less miles. And the shaker hood is just BA! :nice: keep us posted on what you do !
  13. which one is cheaper on insurance?
  14. Get the Mach 1... that car is a wonderful piece of machinery and IMO one of the best looking Mustangs of all time. Look at how sweet Epik's car is :nice:
  15. I would get the Mach1.
  16. They are both black as night.
  17. I will update in this thread as soon as I make a decision. Both inspections will be done by tomorrow. I am leaning pretty heavy toward the Mach thanks to the responses I have gotten here. I hope it checks out!
  18. Hope everything checks out! You'll be happy with the Mach. My granddad has one, and it is fast from the factory, solid around the twisties, rides great, 25 mpg on the highway, and most importantly, it LOOKS GREAT!
  19. Got the inspection back on the Mach 1

    Take a look and tell me what you guys think. I don't have any experience with these third party inspections. I will post the Cobra's tomorrow when I get it.
    Noticed two things myself. The report states that it doesn't have power seats. And I don' see the mach sound system in the trunk. Is this even a Mach 1???
  20. mach1 is a collectors item. cobra? well not so much.