2001 Cobra vs 2003 Mach 1 Buy which?

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  1. To be honest, that Mach looks kinda abused... I personally would be cautious about it....
    Just from the pictures (the ripped seat, missing paint, etc) I would personally keep looking
  2. Thanks for looking Fink. I am thinking the same thing. I am really hoping the Cobra comes back clean.
  3. The driver's seat is a power seat. It's definitely a Mach. An "R" in the 8th digit of the VIN means it's a Mach. Also, the Mach only had the Mach 460 sound system. Their was no option for the Mach 1000.
  4. Thanks for that CrzyHorse. I was really worried it wasn't a Mach.
  5. That Mach does look beat up.. Sucks but I would pass on that car. That big ass tach too looks awful imo. Goodluck with that Cobra.
  6. Lol. I thought the same thing when I saw that tach. It wasn't in his original posting pictures. Also that gear shifter is horrid.
  7. Wow! $10K for 60k mile Mach?? You better jump on that before someone else does.

    It doesn't look too bad. Other than the minor dings and torn seat, it looks good. It's an 8 year old car, what do people expect?
  8. +1

    If you want a Mach, look around for another one that tach is horrible along with the ripped seats. Paints chips understandable due to age and miles driven but looks like someone to a knife to the rear of the seat.
  9. Man that Mach looks like it hasn't been very well taken care of. Hopefully the Cobra turns out better. :-/
  10. It does look ragged. But not out of the running. It is 3k under retail. A good bit of what they found is understandable, the car being as old as it is. But it is obvious that it has not been cared for. Hopefully the Cobra comes back clean and takes the decision making out of my hands.
  11. It's not a deal closer in my mind. It's 3k under retail so I wasn't expecting perfection. I am disappointed though. That Tach is horrible.
  12. The tach can be taken out but if the previous owner neglected to take care of the paint/interior/car then what surprises are in store for the engine? 3 grand below book is great but not when you have to turn around and throw that back plus more in the engine. Spend 4 grand more than the asking price and get a great Mach sounds like a much much better route to me. And you won't have the body marks either, even though they are small they would nag at me to get them fixed.
  13. I was gonna say get the Mach untill seeing it. Car dont look right to me, like its had a hard arse life.
    I dont care much for 99/01 Cobras just cars of their weak ass rear ends. Gotta remember if you want a car that can launch hard and consistant that the solid axle is the king.

    The early Cobras have a lot of issues with weaker parts. I am working on a 99 Cobra next week that just got an Eaton swap. Hes at low boost and will stay that way but he cant launch at all cause of wheel hop. I am installing just half of the stuff needed to correct this. IRS pinion brace, diff load brace and Delrin LCA bushings. Thats damn near $1000 and if he wants to push it past 450rwhp it will cost him another grand for UCA bushings and subframe bushings. Then another $1500 for some better axle shafts and another $300+ for a 31 spline diff.
    IRS is a tricky fickle creature.

    But once an IRS is setup right then it is by far the best on the street.
  14. Good info man. Thanks.
  15. I was going to say go for the Mach until I saw the pictures. The old saying "you get what you pay for" looks to hold true. This car looks very abused and was probably driven hard. Depends if you just want something to beat on or one a little cleaner. Also do you have extra money for repairs or can you do the work yourself? Repairs are not cheap if you have to take it somewhere. Good luck!
  16. Just watched a New Edge Cobra snap his rear end like a twig tonight at HRP.

    But I wouldn't buy that Mach at all. That is worst looking Mach for sale that I have ever seen.
  17. The paint can be detailed, but the one thing that bothers me is the tach. Someone could have ran the dog **** out of that car.
  18. I was literately in the exact same position as you a week or so ago. I was dying to find a Mach 1, but all I could find in the $10K range was stuff that was beat hard like that one you posted. I could have had nicer, but they were pushing $14K+, and I didn't want to spend that much. Around that time is when I stumbled onto my Cobra, it is much cleaner then most of the Mach 1's I saw, and has less mileage. Course mine has a SRA swap so the IRS strength issues aren't a problem for me.

    If you can afford to get a nicer car, do it. I've had tons of beat cars in the past and it is a lot easier to start with a canvas that isn't all hacked up. Don't let the low buy in sucker you. You will pay for it somehow in the end. I wasn't willing to pony up the extra cash, and I still was able to find a car I am happy with. It just isn't a Mach 1.
  19. Mach is cheaper, since on the title it reads Mustang GT/ Mach 1 pkg.
    And the Cobra says SVT Cobra, so they charge more. Atleast they did when I bought mine. About 700 a year difference between the 2 for full coverage.
  20. Great advice Lars. It definitely sounds like you were in my exact position. I am usually an impulse buyer but I am definitely taking my time here. The Mach looked awesome...until the inspection. Lol.