2001 Cobra vs 2003 Mach 1 Buy which?

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  1. Yea, that Mach is definitely beat up. I'd pass, even at that price. My granddad only paid a little more than that and got a 04 Mach with 15,000 miles on it in flawless shape.
  2. i had wondered about that. good info.

    i do know insuring a cobra isn't cheap. prior to buying my current car, coverage quote on 96 cobra was alot more than on a 00 gt.
  3. Inspection report on the 2001 Cobra

    It looks pretty damn clean guys. Give it a gander and tell me what you think.
  4. I am going to call my insurance company Monday and see what the insurance costs are going to be.
  5. Woo, that Cobra looks pretty good. Mine is going to run me about $59 a month for full coverage, granted yours may not be anywhere near that due to your area, driving record, etc. However that's about par for my other rides.
  6. My 97 Cobra was $3500 a year for insurance when new. I traded it in on a 99FRC Vette, also new, and insurance dropped to $1200. :shrug:

    Cobras are redonkulous to insure.
  7. I see that Cobra has Iowa plates. If you live in Iowa and have a good driving record your insurance should be a joke.
  8. That cobra looks nice.
    Minor paint chips, but still something I would consider. IMO its a sick ride. Good tires and the interior is in good shape.
    Thats a good inspection they do on those vehicles.... very thorough
  9. Agreed on the thorough inspection. They do a much better job than I would do in person!
  10. I am going to buy the Cobra. Thank you everybody for all your advice. This thread has been beyond helpful in making this decision. I would have loved a Mach but as Lars pointed out, finding one in my price range that wasn't ragged turned out to be very difficult. I will enjoy the Cobra. This is my first Mustang!
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  11. Make sure to post pics when you get it!
  12. Will do Lars. Thanks for all your help.
  13. lulz... the guy's first Stang is a Cobra! Way to cut right to the chase.

    You'll love it. If you're a sports car driver as opposed to a drag racer, you'll appreciate the IRS.
  14. Im going threw this very same thing a 2001 cobra with 96k for 12000 or a 2003 mach 1 with 53k for 14500 both very beautiful.
  15. pics for the win

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  17. Cobra....because Verts are cool and because Yellow is an awful colour!
  18. Tough call. I'm not a fan of verts but yellow is also a no go for me.

    Between the two I go Mach.

    You get to watch that shaker go crazy when you floor it. That's entertaining to my simple mind.
  19. Both are very cool and have some measure of collectibility. But one is Tweety Bird Yellow, the other Cranberry, that's no good...I'd be putting my walking boots on right quick.
  20. 'vert FTW :)

    I had a yellow 70 Mach 1 and it looked good back then, but the New Edge Machs don't look very good in yellow (or Ford didn't use the right shade maybe)

    oh, and the Mach 1 has the wrong wheel too