2001 Cobra vs. Mach1 ('03 / '04)

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  1. Really, Mach's seem more common than Cobras where I am. I still say the Cobra, it commands respect. :spot:
  2. nope MACH all the way... :nono:
  3. I love both cars but would not give up my cobra for a mach. The cobra commands respect and gets looks everywhere u go. As for performance, i have no complaints! This car is fast as hell and i have no problems with the IRS. Drive both and then make a choice, one or the other may suite you better. For me its the cobra
    :hail2: COBRA!
  4. Agreed, I still say the Cobra, but it comes down to personal preference. I'm not saying I don't like the Mach, I just like the Cobra better :)
  5. Coming from a 04' cobra owner, if had the decision between the 01' Cobra or new Mach I would go Mach. Makes a lil' more power and I hate the IRS. :cheers:

  6. Don't 01 Cobras look almost identical to 01 GT's? :shrug: Cept for the Badging?

    A Mach stand out MUCH more than a 01 Cobra. How many stangs you see with a shaker popping through the hood? Plus the Spoiler and the Chin spoiler. Annnnd the wheels.

    I know 01 cobras had their own wheels but they also offered the same wheels for gt's just without the cobra center cap.
  7. Same for you

    Why don't you go play in your own area?


  8. Both are sweet cars, if the '01 Cobra is a lot cheaper then the Mach then get the Cobra but if they're close in price I'd say get the Mach since it's newer but that's just me. It's easier to get the Mach into the 12's N/A especially with the live rear axle but the Cobra is a little more boost friendly with lower compression. I hardly ever see either of them on the road, more V6s, GTs and '03-'04 Kebras then anything else around here. Not that it makes a difference because Mustangs are everywhere anyway :flag:
  9. Get the damn Mach, it's a superior car, no other car in the world can touch it, all :hail2: the Mach I
  10. :scratch: LOL
  11. IMHO, I tend to think that the Mach is actually more "GT-like". Its got the same front fascia, rear fascia, rocker panels, wing and foglights and of course the same taillights. I'd bet the non-Mustang enthusiast average joe would confuse a 35th anniversary GT with a Mach 1.
    With the Cobra, you've got the different front fascia, rear fascia (Cobra lettering), round foglights and the amber turn signal taillights. Less obvious is the stance of the rear with the IRS and the lower hanging exhaust pipes. I guess its all depends on the observer but I think I could see the Mach being mistaken for a regular GT before a 01 Cobra.

    However, that said, the Machs are nice-looking cars. If I didn't have the 01 Cobra, I'd probably consider one...especially the white. I like the black decals and accents against the white. The constrast is very striking.
  12. That's what I thought, if I didn't know Mustangs, I'd think a Mach was just a normal Mustang. My wife didn't know the difference until I explained it to her. She knew what a Cobra was though. This was when I had a 00 GT.
  13. Well I say the Mach 1 is a better buy all the way around.
    Seats are better
    No IRS

    I got a killer deal on my 01 Cobra with 12K miles, so I bought it..............
    Yes, it makes less HP then a Mach 1

    I had to chip the car to wake it up :lol:
  14. Exactly how are the seats better since they're both based on the same basic structure? And the IRS is not always necessarily a liability. I will agree that the Mach is a good performance deal for 03+ but I wouldn't say it was head and shoulders above the 01 Cobras in performance at all. Its somewhat more torquey but that can be overcome.
  15. Exactly :D
  16. Not to mention insurance is cheaper on the '01 Cobra. May not be as much of a factor with you older guys, but for a youngin' like me it makes a huge difference. :nice: Plus I got my Cobra with 6400 miles on it, so it is basically new. :nice:
  17. The Mach is just a GT with more crappy plastic (including the shaker) and two more cams. You can spot a Mach a mile away by the crappy plain black ABS spoiler. And the wheels look like crap too. Definately my least favorite of the V8 cars.

    I phased all the plastic crap off my 99 GT. If I had a Mach I'd have my work cut out for me, that is for sure.

    Mach = Poor Man's Cobra
  18. Shaker is not plastic it's metal but does have a plastic chin spoiler (which a lot of Stangers install on their car anyway), other then that it has almost the same amount of crappy plastic as any other 99+ Stang. :p As far as plain ass black ABS spoiler is concerned well that's your opinion but it is a nod to the originals back in the 60's and 70's same with the stripes, that's why it's a heritage model. I agree though the wheels are craptastic. :notnice:

    It may be the poor mans Cobra but it does a fine job of running with an LS1 stock something the pre' '03-'04 Cobras couldn't do. :shrug: Anyway, enough of the bickering, both are great cars like I said, I don't think you could go wrong with either one, at this point since they're both used, I'd find one with the lowest mileage to price ratio and just go for it. :flag:
  19. I was only stirring the pot. I think the Mach is a great car and fills a good spot in the line up. As far as the spoiler, how about drum brakes and 4 lugs then?? Again, just stirring the pot.
  20. Both are great cars and both have plenty of crappy plastic, its just a ford thing. They both stand out and u dont see to many of them on the road( at least here in the sticks of central florida) Thechoice is yours. cant go wrong either way!
    And as far as the mach being a poor mans cobra. im poor and i have a cobra! :D