2001 Cobra with JLT Fender Cold Air Intake concerns.


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Just purchased my 2001 Cobra back in the fall of 2021. Came with a "JLT COLD AIR INTAKE" which goes into the fender wall (Pretty sure it's this one).

Well, this past Saturday I was getting off the freeway and the Cobra stalled at the light. Limped to my destination (kept stalling then the check engine light came on) and ended up having it flat bedded home. Used the SCT x3 Custom tuner to pull up the code P0102. Then I was looking for the MAF sensor to make sure it was clean and discovered it was in the fender. When I got into the fender the Cold Air Intake came loose from the fender wall (into the engine compartment). So, I was like "duh, that's gotta be the problem" and reattached it, disconnected the battery to clear the code and we are good to go again.

So, after this issue I'm rethinking this fender wall CAI and wondering if anyone has any input on which brands and standard style CAI work just as good (I know, this is a huge debate or personal preference) in the engine compartment (versus the fender)?

Or is it best to just make sure the one I already have is clean and snug and call it a day?
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Jan 14, 2019
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Really no need to replace it unless you want to. The big "getter" on the fender intake is cooler air. Well, I'm not 100% convinced of this and used a under hood CAI from Air Raid. Biggest thing is getting cooler air and the stock one did some of that with a snorkel in the fender. The other thing to be aware of is water spray if you have your inner liners removed. That will give you a wake up call too. So, I'd keep what you have and monitor it. jmo
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Mar 2, 2003
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I'm not a fan of the fender well intakes on a daily. I've been wanting to replace mine. In the rain it sucks up water...not good