2001 gt Does it have a tune?

Black GT

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Sep 8, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida
Is there a way I can tell if my car has a tune? I know it has stock injectors and I believe a stock intake and throttle body.. The only mods I see is a cold air intake and accell coil packs. It also has a H pipe (no cats). The guy I bought it from said he thought it had a tune and he only ran 93 octane in it which is all I have ran in it since I have owned it. If it is a stock tune am I harming the engine with the 93 octane or just wasting my money on gas?
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Mar 21, 2019
Long Island
93 just requires more energy to combust. It is just a waste of money with the stock compression ratio and ignition timing. Other than preventing knock it doesn't do anything nor does it harm the engine.
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