2001 gt engine swap

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  1. any body make motor mounts or headers to put a ls1 into a 99+ mustang gt. I threw a rod this past weekend in my 4.6, and i have a 2002 5.7 ls1 with a 6 speed, with harness and real low miles. I am sure everybody is goin to hate me for this but o well. just seeing if anybody has done it before.
  2. i was actually wondering about doing that also. but didnt know if anyones made stuff to do it.
  3. Quite possibly the greatest idea i've ever heard... :nice:
  4. try www.ls1tech.com they have a conversions section. I've seen a couple of Stangs listed having an Ls1 swap.
  5. its sad that you're putting that chevy motor in your stang, but I'm sure you can do it, you might need to fabricate a few parts and get a few adaptors here and there
  6. I hate these type of threads. :nonono: Why not save yourself the headache and either put the engine into a Chevy where it belongs, or put it all up for sale and sink the money you'd get from it into a forged short block and a blower for your GT and run faster than you ever could with a stock LS1.

    Yeah sure it's different and not many people will have one.....but so what? Not many people still own Yugo's either, but it doesn't make the car any less stupid. :notnice:
  7. Forged shortblock
    Cowl hood
    KB 2.2
    = :drool:
  8. jealous much? LS1 is a awesome motor and stock in a stang would be sweet...a few bolt ons/ bolt ins and it would be crazy
  9. Why do I need to be jealous, because I don't like Ford/Chevy/Dodge hybrids? The 4.6L SOHC and DOCH's are every bit the engines that the LS1 is. The only thing that sets them apart is overall power (which is credited only to their larger displacement). Name one thing that the LS1 does better, that can't be attributed to it's larger size?

    So what if LS1's respond to bolt-ons....4.6's respond to supercharging. What's your point. If going from one to the other had proven to be better, that would be one thing, but it hasn't. It's still a lot of time, money and effort just to say you're different.
  10. or maybe a stock ls6 head flows better than a fully ported 4.6 head, cams are cheaper. so your saying a 4.8 ls1 motor cannot make the same power as a 4.6.

    thanks for the pics and the link they are alot of help.
  11. Inherently better low end torque... Lighter weight (OHC weighs more than OHV), lower center of gravty... Honestly I find the 2 valves having neighter the prodigious low end of a pushrod or the rushing highend of a OHC, mainly due to lack of VVT and probably having only 2 valves.
  12. its been said before and i'll say it again. for the price it would take to swap an ls1 into a mustang you could have one hell of a built 4.6 shortblock. if you want an ls1 so bad, sell the stang and go get a catfish.
  13. :lol: :rlaugh: :bs:

    Thats the point jackass. Like I said earlier, the camaro is ugly. I would like the motor of the LS1 in the looks of a mustang. You could build a LS1 shortblock cheap too if you already have the motor.
  14. no = how many thousands of dollars more than the LS1 they already have.
  15. ..........LS1 is for chevy. amount of money and time required for tuning, fabricating, and what not, i think u can just drop Terminater motor and combo for same amount or possibly less....

    as far as your LS1/trans combo goes, i'll give ya 100bucks! I want to make my Z28 little faster...
  16. Unless you have access to a machine shop and lots of time and money, I don't think you'd want to tackle the swap.
  17. Yes, an OHV design has a "slightly" better off-idle torque advantage, but nothing that's not easily compensated for with gearing and the DOHC make much better used of the upper RPM potential than the LS1 does. In this case, the majority of the additional low-end torque produced is due to the larger displacement, not the over all design of the engine.....or are you going to tell me that in stock trim, a comparable 283HP, or 305HO makes better torque/power too....even if the flow characteristics of the heads were the same as the LS1? The lower center of gravity is kind of a moot point too, considering this to can be offset by how high, or low the engine sits within the engine bay, suspension set up/geometry, etc, etc. Regardless....we're talking a couple of pounds here, not several hundred. I can't really comment on their difference in over all weight of them, because i'm not familiar with the figures, but if you'd care to post them, I'd be interested in knowing exactly how big of a difference there is. :shrug:

    What about the SOHC/DOHC's nearly frictionless valve train, free revving nature if you want to split hairs.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the LS1 engines. They make great power, but to call them superior based around this it kind of an ignorant remark, wouldn't you think?

    Speaking of ignorant remarks....I've notice that to be one of your traits lately! What's your problem? :scratch:
  18. I cant believe I bought this slow piece of **** mustang. I have to admit I will probably buy a GT500 but it hurts me so to buy another one. :nonono:
  19. FORD
    The 5.4 Navigator engine weighs: 660lbs (frp)
    300 hp 5000 rpm
    355 ft-lbs 2750 rpm

    4.6 Aviator Motor: 672 lbs (dunno why its heavier than the 5.4 which is cast in iron)
    302 hp 5750 rpm
    300 ft-lbs. 3250 rpm

    4.6 Mach 1 Motor: 618 lbs
    305 HP @ 5800 RPM
    320 ft./lbs. of torque @ 4200 RPM

    5.0 Cammer: 669 lbs
    400 hp
    365 ft/lbs

    LS1: ~380 lbs
    350 HP @ 5800 RPM
    385 Lb-Ft @ 4400 RPM

    LS7: ~480 lbs
    500 HP
    475 LB-FT
    I hear it about 12k, so same cost as the cammer.

    The Chevy engines weigh less, cost a little bit more