2001 gt engine swap

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  1. one last thing. my wife thinks the last post is right about me. she thinks i am a jackass also. WTF.

    those dyno numbers are what i expect from an ss. they are goos numbers, but not the rediculous numbers posted everywhere about teh mighty LS. you torque curve demonstrates my point about VCT advantages. i make max torque at 2900 and hold it to 5000. good dyno. i am sure it is fast. but not unbeatable as others say. thank you for your feedback.
  2. billfisher you are probably the first guy i see on here thats a bigger ford fanatic than me, i didnt think it was possible. And as for swapping an Ls1 into a mustang, i think that is the biggest waste of time and money you can do.But that has already been said,just like saying get a forged short block and blow it has already been said to. But to each his own and to whoever started this thread go ahead and do it man, tell us how it comes out but you WILL lose a place in the mustang community and you will not really fit in with the chevy boys either.
    One thing i've never understood is why so many LS1 lovers hang around stangnet and other mustang sites, it just boggles my mind.Mustangs are cars that are apparently not good enough for them yet they have to hang aroung here and annoy the crap out of the true mustang ethusiasts. I dont mind mingling with fellow car nuts even if they are from dodge or chevy, but dont come to a MUSTANG site with your little LS1 into mustang ideas and expect everything to be just peachy. Just my opinion, and i honestly dont want to offend anyone with it.
  3. 320 rwhp. i don't believe it-billfisher

    those dyno numbers are what i expect from an ss-bill fisher

    i dont understand first you dont believe it then you expected it? i dunno, i guess im just mentally inferior because of a vehicle i drive....that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. im no troll, if i didnt like ford i wouldnt be here. they have a lot of great stuff. but theyre no arian super race either. they can be beat, and in some areas they are. that doesnt make them worse or better. theyre just a company with a product...and i never said the LS was invincible i said it was a good platform. i dont know where you got invincible out of "its a good platform." oh well i guess people read into things what they want to. And i find it funny that im just called an LS1 guy that hangs around the stang forums when if you look in my sig and avatar, theres a stang. i liked my mustang, but it was getting high miles and it was time to get rid of it and move onto something new. there were areas i liked my mustang more, and areas i like the fbody more. one is not totally superior to the other. though i like the drivetrain of my fbody a lot more (minus the rear end). i liked the looks of my stang a little better. I thought it was a prettier car. the stang seemed to have a little higher quality to it. but on the flipside ive been in sedans of both companies and liked the GM's more. doesnt mean its better, just my opinion. and please, dont throw out names of nascar boys and asking questions like that, it doesnt impress me. ive been around my fair share too. all of Joe Gibbs Racing nextel cups have been in the shop i work at and ive helped build the carb's for em. woo hoo. no one cares. and we've had some D.E.I. stuff in there too, but who really gives a damn? It doesn't matter if you've been argueing for 20 years or 20 days...if all you do is be a biggot towards everything, youre wrong. and im not saying youre wrong about everything. youre very right in saying there is a ford platform out there thats better, theres always something better, and thats fine, im just simply stating its a good platform.
  4. your dyno didn't show 320. and your torque was approx 325, like i said. besides, those dyno's are worthless. tell me you 1/4 mile times, miles per hour, race weight and atmospheric conditions. i was talking about the torque figures, not hp.

    they are gutless wonders down low and midrange. especially for 5.7 litres. i make more with less. forgive me for not specifying.

    i really don't look at hp figures, seeing how hp is a caculated figure, and torque is the force the motor actually produces. i focus on max torque, and thanks to VCT, shifting it from idle to 5500
  5. one last thing, this will be the last post for me in this thread.

    if, by some chance, i am not satisfied with this motor. i will just put 4v on it. at least i have the option to make more. and i can do it for very little. (i have skills).
  6. I’ll never believe it. :rlaugh:
  7. 3.73's
  8. Wow alot of incorrect and possibly uninformed info being spread about in this thread. It's not worth it to try and correct it. However, being a LS1 enthusiast just as much as a Mustang enthusiast, having worked on them, driven them, racing them and have just as many f-body friends as mustang friends.

    I will say this I have seen bone stock 01 LS1's dyno from 305-319 rwhp. I have seen bolt on LS1's dyno up to 355 rwhp and seen a bolt on and cam LS1 dyno 430 and a FI LS1 dyno 906rwhp. The LS1 has been known and it should be common knowledge as its been doing this since its induction into the vette in 97 and f-body in 98 that they make more hp than what they are rated.

    Both the SOHC and DOHC engines are also good as well. However powerwise, if you take a 4.6L SOHC and DOHC and try bolt on verse bolt on to a LS1 the LS1 wins. If you try heads and cams, the LS1 wins. However, give me a 5.4 4V and thats a different story.

    FWIW I took our 2000 Z/28 stock to a [email protected] mph and my 97 cobra stock to a [email protected]

    Yeah GM is going bankrupt, but the economy will not let that happen and GM can blame no one but themselves. hell Ford isn't too far behind as Toyota and the imports are kicking their ass.

    I tend to be a car/performance enthusaist and could care less what brand it is as long as it is fast!
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  14. Keep it civil. This is interesting stuff. I'd hate to lock this thread.
  15. No sweat Vax. Tom and I are nothing if not Civil. :nice:
  16. ok, i lied.

    i can be civil.

    everyone i know is a chevy boy. they are also secretly losers. they don't know it, but they are. only i have seen the light.

    blue light that is.

    i only tried the 5.4 3v to... let me be honest... try to get most of the power without the trouble getting it(5.4 4v) in. so in that sense it was lazy of me.

    i realized, just before putting 6 grand into a screw charger, thet the charger 4.6 just wasn't going to get it done.

    so what is just one step up, but not as hard a step as 5.4 4v? 5.4 3v. unfortunately for me, just as i spent too much to try to get the 4.6 up to standards, i will probably dump this(maybe it will make enough to beat the LS's). i'm just the sort to shut them up.

    i totally understand that 200+ cc high taper ports with excellent velocity rule regardless of make. (remember the 6.1l hemi).

    it would have been easy to get a WP block and stroke it to 340 and add twisted wedge heads on it and brag. (it WILL make as much or more than LS) i know i have spent enough already to do that. there are plenty of examples of that out there. what i don't find is guys doing the fab-it thing with mods. i don't mean a few here and there, i mean gazillion of us. we are trying futily to beat the best cylinder heads on the road(factory) with puny blown 4.6 2v's. there are millions of 4v mods out there(lincoln).

    i can remember back in the 80's when we ruled the streets with our gt-40 iron headed beasts. i used to say to myself, " if i only had a 4v to put on it". well guys we do. why are we spending big bucks on 2v to still lose. 220 cfm is a joke today.

    all these posts are designed to get ford boys off their asses and start beating the hell out of chevy's everywhere. we got to get the new guys to make the switch to 4v and stop wasting money on tiny valved, no flow pieces. you hear the testimonials for chevy. 310-320 rwhp. not really that bad. why are we struggling to pick up the scraps. we really have the advantage here, we just don't know it. we brag(me included) about 270rwhp and gear.

    the motor i just put in my car is the real deal. not to toute it, but it needs to be the standard recommendation. it fits. and with some work on an upper intake, it fits with the stock hood. i know i have ****ed about how hard it was, but that is because i had to figure out everything for myself.

    now we know how to do it, so lets get on with it.

    stock wiring with legthened wiring.
    a) cam sensor moved to passenger side
    b) all of the tangs on the passenger side cam pinwheel except tdc removed.
    c) lengthened wiring for misc sensors:idle,injectors,egr, water temp.

    use your injectors and MAF

    i used the driver's side fuel rail from the 5.4 3von the passenger side, and used the 4.6 driver's side fuel rail in stock location.

    extend hold down brackets for fuel rails with metal strips.

    is you have 1999-2004 hood cut hole on underside of hood, but not in scoop to clear 4.62v elbow and TB. it only needs 1" more than stock on my 96.

    get 4"x6"x1" thick aluminum plate and stencil hole from 3.5"x2.75" elbow hole. drill hole in the middle of the plate and use rewelded bandsaw to cut out inside of plate. cut edges of plate to a radius of 1/2". mark locations of holes for 5.4 3v intake to TB hole and drill them through. countersink to a depth 1/32" below surface. the bolt need to be hidden below for elbow to work. drill the holes(4) 8mm. drill through hole(4) for the 4.6 elbow.

    to install the adapter preposition 8mm bolts from the bottom of the plate then attach the plate to the intake using factory screws. place elbow onto the 8mm screw/studs and attach locking nylon nuts.the bracket extension on the elbow needs to be removed(the arm that has the 5th bolt)

    exhaust: cut out of mild 1/4" steel 8 plates the size on the 5.4 3v manifold ports. drill 2 holes in the location where the 5.4 3v has hole for the cylinder head to manifold bolts. drill 2 more holes where the 4.6 2v manifolds have their bolts. attach the manifolds to the plates 4 each with gaskets in them. then bolt them to the heads. this is for an easy installation. i loses some power i am sure.

    flywheel-- 8 bolt cobra for manuals. for autos get 8 bolt truck 4.6 flexplate and drill holes to match 10.25 holes. or get 10.5" truck converter.

    that's all.

    i spent a mint to try a bunch of parts. as far as short runner intake... you really need to have skills to fool with it.

    now... if you want real power from this beast.

    purchase 80mm 86-93 mustang 302 TB. attach idle components to it. adapt it, and rock out.
    cobras head 4" elbow works good. it will require a 4" cowl. (i just bought one)

    as far as headers. 1 5/8" shorties properlt modified from a 4.6 3v will work. but i do mean modified. they have to be completely cut apart and tigged to work. you only have 1" of framrail to the exhaust ports. no space to jerk around.

    the tubes are routed above and below the ports to clear the steering shaft. and on the passenger side they route downward to clear the frame rail. i can make them, but i am not sure anyone wants to pay for them. we are talking about 900 dollars for the hours and materials it takes. it takes about 10 hours per header to make them.

    otherwise the motor plugs in normal.

    cooling: i recommend stainless tubing with rubber ends. you can make them with bits and pieces(for now) or tig some tubing and make it look good. also the hydraulic reservoir needs longer tubing. the jurt is out on whether i need larger cooling system. i am going to try the factory oil cooler(bigger) and a couple of tranny coolers to see if that gets me the needed capacity. i am starting to wish a had a manual tranny.

    i think i mentioned it all. let's go kick some LS butt.

    btw. the valves have to be changes to handle above 5200 rpm's. or it comes apart(valvetrain).

    ps. don't i get some other kind of description besides "official member" for all this? you can call me anything you like. my friends call me "critical bill". because my answers to questions will put you in critical condition.
  17. You know i've been looking for some more power from my 4-banger.

    LS1 swap?
  18. :bs:

    Bill, your posts are informative and I love reading about Oval lovers' input on their projects. Keep up the good work!
  19. what about a better label?
  20. Bill, i really liked your last post about building the 5.4...skipping the first 3 lines...thats informative and i enjoyed reading it. if i get another stang as a project i might have to look into that swap. I enjoyed argueing with you. and i do think for that last post you deserve more than "official member"