2001 Gt: New Engine Install Need Help!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Kent Snyder, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Okay guys,

    So I'm about to buy a 5 speed 2001 Mustang GT (black/ premium pkg.) from the dealership I work for. Here's the downlow:

    Car was overheated, and everything is perfectly fine except for the engine. The dealership went out and bought EVERYTHING new, except the block. They're about to send the block out to get it bored .060 over due to a hunk of melted aluminum on one of the cylinder walls. They've offered to sell it to me for $1000.00 AFTER they get the blocked bored. Should there be anything that's adjusted for the .060 over bore besides pistons and heads? I don't want to buy it and find out later that I've got to get a bunch of stuff or get things customized.

    It's in extremely good condition, I've built 87-93 5.0L before, but never messed with a modular 4.6, so I'm really needing you guys to help me.

    Thanks for all the info in advance, and I hope to be layin' some rubber soon!
  2. That is a pretty large cleaning up on the block...just make them give you a cheaper price and find a block out of a Mark VIII or '05 up Exploder and get some aluminum weight savings on the car. Add a rotating assembly and install that sucker.

    You'll be doing elevenses (Top Gear reference anyone?) in no time!
  3. I wouldn't bore a modular 0.060" and if I was forced to I'd want to check the wall thickness after machining...
  4. I'm not a professional on these motors or anything but I'm pretty positive you can't bore them out that much. You can find a good block for not too much money. I paid 250 for my teksid block. The cylinders in the mod motors don't wear much at all. The block I bought had over 100k miles on it and it only needed honed because it had been setting and had a rust spot. I wouldn't go more than .020 over if I were you
  5. Okay well they just bought a 70k engine used from a guy I know, and I know that it will be in tip top shape. So I guess I should've waited instead of being so impatient about posing my questions lol. Anyways, thanks guys. I'm now off to buy a Vortech V3 and some AFR's, then tomorrow's gonna be the test and tune day after installation is finished! Wish me luck!!!
  6. Just for info you can bore them out that much but it leaves the walls a little thin. Not suggested.