2001 GT vs. 2001 Cobra...

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  1. Hey, I know there have probably been a thousand + threads asking this. But what are the numbers on these two cars with THE SAME DRIVER? 1/4 mile and 0-60, etc?

    Thanks guys!
  2. i dunno man...

    perhaps someone should lend me their cobra so we can get this guy some answers! :D
  3. There ya go :nice:
  4. Same driver in each car....... atleast a good .6-.8 sec and 3-6mph difference in the quarter.
  5. Nice, any idea on 0-60?
  6. Well, according to the info I could find online, both go 0-60 in 5.4, although I suspect the Cobra is a tad quicker :shrug:
  7. Hmmmmmm. Interesting. You'd think with the power/torque difference there would be some lower #'s on a 4v...
  8. Thats the funny thing. The 4V makes a heck of a lot more power, but it comes higher in the RPM range. The 4V also lacks TQ in the lower RPM's. The 2V GT, on the other hand, makes it's TQ lower in the RPM range, therefor it can keep up 0-60, but after 60mph the GT see's Cobra taillights
  9. i would beat a buddy of mine in his 01 cobra when i had my late build 01 GT.
    cobra was stock except for K&N.
    my GT had a cai with a rotated maf (leaned car out),
    pullies, NGK iridiums & a short throw. it dyno'd @ 245hp/295tq

    i would beat him by about 1/2 car length. i would pull a car to 1 1/2 cars on him by end of 2nd gear, then he would gain about a car thru 3rd & shutting down after about 1-2 seconds in 4th gear. this was slightly longer than a 1/4 mile probably about 1450ft.

    i still won by 1/2 car in little over 1/4 mile (powershifting)
    he would be gaining from middle of 3rd gear
    i ran a best of 13.60 @ 102.5 (average was 13.75)
    i never cut a 60ft lower than 2.0 (average was 2.1)
    i dont remember my 1/8 mile
    elevation in K.C. is about 1000ft above sea level

    they will beat a GT stock for stock same driver but lightly to mildly modded it is very even in 1320ft after that it is all cobra............. unless GT is heavily modded like my 02 (may 8th i will be dyno tuned, 4.10's, uca/lca & welded up torque boxes.

    hope this helps some
  10. From a dead stop with an aggressive launch and good bolt ons.... You shouldnt have that much problems on the street with a stock cobra. From a roll thats a different story ;)
  11. Plus, the Cobra has IRS, it's not as good for drag racing. So it hurts the Cobra from a stop.
  12. Be a pal and buy him some freakin driving lessons :nice:
  13. Yeah really, haha
  14. So true, 01 GT > 01 Cobra wtf?
  15. No, just the two cars both have their good areas... It's kinda a wash for the everyday driver seems like.
  16. I have a hard time believing that a GT has more low end TQ than a Cobra. Any one have a Dyno of a 99 or 2001 Cobra?
  17. 01 and below cobra's aren't known for their low end grunt. Hell, they don't even make a lot of peak torque. That's just by their design. But it goes both ways, by design, the cobra will make more peak hp with the same if not slightly lower peak torque, where as the 2v generally speaking, will make more torque with less hp. Mind you this is in an n/a application. Once blown, everything goes out the door.

    Gears usually become a cobra's best friend because it damn near eliminates any low end problems. Basically, once the modding begins, it'll almost always be cobra > gt
  18. :stupid:
  19. I don't have a dyno but that's 1 of the things about the Mach 1 engine, they improved it over the 99/01 Cobra engine to have more low end.

  20. wow.. that was a shot in the dark If Ive ever seen one lol....

    The difference? about 4 mph... or about half a second in the 1/4 mile..