2001 GT vs. 2001 Cobra...

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  1. this is a joke! i think some you have forgotten how badly the 99/01 cobra's sucked.
    if stock GT's run 14.0-14.1
    & you say .6-.8 quicker.........ha ha
    that mean the 99/01 cobra runs 13.4-13.5 @ .6 advantage
    & 99/01 cobra runs 13.2-13.3 @ .8 advantage

    you got to be joking..........thats stock LS1 territory
    LS1's destroyed the 99/01 cobra's stock for stock equal driver.
    i love all fords as much as anybody...........but dont let your memory or love of the cobra cloud your judgement.
  2. What about the SOTP difference? The first car I ever drove was a 2001 White Cobra, so will a 2001 GT dissapoint me?
  3. i think the GT is real even with the cobra sotp wise.
    probably advantage goes to GT 0-75mph (due to weight/torque)
    cobra has advantage 75mph up

    it depends on your goals.
    GT has cheaper price, bolt-ons, insurance & is lighter
    Cobra has better brakes, suspension & more power potential N/A.

    GT will handle up to around 425-450rwhp
    Cobra will handle up to around 475-500rwhp
    after those numbers you are really on borrowed time.

    if you eventually want more than 500rwhp with reliabilty you need to go with 03/04 Cobra or count on going forged internals.

    i eventually want 700+rwhp (which i can get out of a 2V or 4V with a turbo or twins) so i will need engine, tranny, fuel system & rearend all upgraded that makes the GT a better option in my opinion. but if you want to have fun til you get your finished product go Mach or Cobra.

    i would look @ the Mach's (with A/X/Z plan & rebates you can beat it).
    i did not want the Mach because i hate the retro seats, gauges, wheels & colors. the wheels kinda grew on me a little but i still prefer the bullitts.
    the cost of a GOOD paint job & replacing parts on Mach that i hated........in addition to paying sticker price (since dealers were not discounting them) outweighed my getting the Mach.
  4. Well, there is a 2003 DSG Cobra for sale near me for $19,000 and it has 18k miles on it. I am trying to sell my truck ASAP! :nice:
  5. i would buy the 03 Cobra then.
    i am have just about given in to my 03/04 Cobra urges.
    my goals are big & i am trying to stay focused but i am growing tired of getting my ass handed to me anything faster than 13.3
    hopefully my new mods by the 8th will help me beat everything stock. next up will be Mccleod clutch/aluminum flywheel set up then save for a couple thousand in brakes
  6. A joke? What's so funny? 99/01 Cobra's are no joke. The stronger 01 ET's are easily in the low 13's, just like the stronger GT ET's are easily in the low 14's and high 13's. Do the math. Looks like a .6-.8 sec difference to me. Notice how he says the exact same driver. If someone runs a 14.5 in a GT, he's most likely run a 13.6-.13.8 in the Cobra. Once again, do the math ;)

    LS1's are not much quicker than the 99/01 Cobra's. 01's dyno, on average, between 280-290rwhp/290-300rwtq while LS1's see, on average, 300-310rwhp/320-330rwtq. That isn't a real big difference. You also have to consider the powerband of the car, and the Cobra just flies on the top end. Venture over to SVTPerformance.com and ask them if low 13's for an 01 Cobra "is a joke" :rolleyes:

    I don't own a GT or a Cobra. I have test driven both and the Cobra EASILY and CLEARLY has a stronger SOTP feel by far. GT's are slugs on the top end and Cobra's aren't that weak on the low end. Bottom line is that the 99/01 Cobra is much quicker than the 99+ GT's. There's no doubt about it. The Cobra has better potential both N/A and F/I. The weight difference is also almost unnoticable between the two.
  7. something is wrong with that car,because he can trade the car in and make more money than by selling it

  8. Wow.. just.. wow

    You know its much easier to make 700 rwhp with the DOHC than the SOHC, right?

    I suggest anyone who is trying to get good advice from this thread skip everything this man has said so far.. he obviously is a bit clouded in his thinking.

    99 - 01 Cobras are good for 13.5 @ 103
  9. It's @ a dealership with the factory warranty. :shrug:
  10. Like I said before, the first car I ever drove (EVER!!) was a 2001 Cobra, and on the 1-2 powershift it is definitly thrilling :nice: I don't doubt a stock cobra with the right conditions could run 13's
  11. probably easier........... but would probably cost more.

    my point is 01 GT's are good for 13.9 (remember when everyone was talking about factory freaks) since they were little higher compression.
    that is .4 not .6 to .8 & not anywhere near 6mph as was suggested earlier in post.

    99/01 cobra is fine if but if you want 500+rwhp you are gonna need forged & probably a straight axle........& GT will be cheaper on both of those issues.

    i know........you should not listen to me.......cause i am just a 12 boy reading mags & posting crap.

    i dont care i am just posting my opinion take it for what it is worth but sticker on a GT was around 25k compared to 34k for a 01 Cobra YOU ANGRY 99/01 COBRA OWNERS/LOVERS GOT HOSED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i still have yet to lose to a 99/01 cobra

    99/01 COBRA'S...........0
  12. In that thread you posted a guy went [email protected] stock... that's .6 less :)

    People just never learned to launch their IRS Cobra's? :shrug:
  13. Please stop posting. You have no clue what you're saying and you are just adding a lot of confusion to the thread. I don't feel like analyzing your posts, but you are wrong on almost everything you've said.
  14. :lol:
  15. You've got to be kidding me! 34k for a 01 cobra..... :rlaugh: :lol:
  16. I don't agree with you. I've seen plenty GT's run 14.5s at the track but I've also seen '99-'01 Cobras solidly in the 14s as well. Bad drivers in both cases.

    The '99 - '01 Cobras are by no means 6 - 8 tenths quicker in the 1/4 than a '99+ GT, sorry, that's just not the case nor will it ever be.

    Saying a '99 or '01 Cobra runs a 13.3 is like saying a GT runs a 13.6 or 13.7. It's about all that car has in it in stock form with a damn good driver and good air, most people will not see these times out of their cars in stock form.

    A '99-'01 Cobra with a good driver is actually probably only 3- 4 tenths faster than a good driver in a '99+ GT AT BEST. In most cases the ET will be very similar between the two with the Cobra trapping about 3 mph faster.

    Also, a stock geared Cobra feels weaker on the low end than a GT, no doubt about it!

  17. Care to run my 01 Cobra???

    Fastest stock 01 Cobra i have seen went [email protected] (wasn't mine)

    If you think we 99/01 Cobra owners got ripped drive one, my friend has a 01 GT and i beat his ass with my Cobra and he was modded and is a better dirver then me. this year though it's alittle differend he now has a 9psi Kenne Bell blower with intercooler on his 01 GT and well he beat my ass pretty bad. however. he still likes the RPM rush my Cobra provides over 3krpm
  18. LOL, and i disagree with you. I started a thread on SVTPerformance asking for stock ET's, we'll see what kind of times we get. In the meantime, heres a thread I found of an 01 Cobra running a 13.2 with a K&N filter only :nice: