2001 GT vs. 2001 Cobra...

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  1. The guy was either running in great air or he has a freak.

    Still, Cobra's aren't 6 - 8 tenths faster than a 1999-up GT. You can find great times for Cobras running low 13s, and I can bring up stock Bullitts running 13.50s and have heard about Bullitts with nothing other than Nittos running 13.3s.

    Facts are facts and Cobras are absolutely, positively NOT 6 and definitely not 8 tenths faster than a GT stock for stock and driver for driver.

    You don't think '99 & '01 Cobras are as fast as Mach 1's do you? Just curious...
  2. Bullit's aren't GTs...
    99/01 Cobra's are definately not as fast as Mach 1's. But different suspension, live axle and better engine/intake all affect that.
  3. Where did the Bullitt come from? We're talking GT's here. That thread I posted had the guy running a 13.3, best GT ET's I've seen is a 13.9 (MM&FF), if I remember my math correctly, thats a .6 second difference :shrug:
  4. I knew that was coming.

    Bullitts ARE actually GT's. It was considered a GT appearance package by Ford, go buy a Bullitt specific part from Ford and you'll see. I did the Bullitt intake swap so I had to buy a crapload of Bullitt specific parts from Ford.

    Back to the point, Bullitts are only about 2 tenths quicker than a regular GT. How is a car that is only 2 tenths quicker than a regular GT running comparable ET's to a Cobra that is supposedly 6 to 8 tenths faster? Your math isn't adding up.

    MM&FF, BTW, ran a 13.74@100+ mph with their bone stock '01 GT, the 13.90s came in a later test against an old Shelby Mustang in much worse air.

    I hate magazine racing, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do to prove a point.

    There was also a comparison between a '99 Cobra/'01 Bullitt/ '03 Mach 1 in 5.0 Mustang. The Bullitt ran 13.50s, beating out the Cobras 13.60s. Same driver, same day, same track. I still don't see 6 tenths? :shrug:
  5. I have that issue and the 5.0 and SF with the Bullit vs 01 Cobra from Dec 01
    in the Dec 01 issue the Cobra won can't remember the times

    The 99Cobra/Bullit/Mach1 test the 99 Cobra had an aftermarket suspention set up for roadracing

    I am not trying to make excuses here but this little fight between our own makes is lame. And why we are on this discussion i have seen 03 Cobras run 14s before as well...yes the driver sucked.

    Launching the IRS is much much harder than a live axle, those of you with 99+ Cobras know what i am talking about. Also the 99+ GTs make more TQ in the lower rpms than a 99/01 Cobra but after 3k it's all over for the GT
  6. The Cobra in the Bullitt/Mach/Cobra comparo also had a new '01 Cobra engine.

    Yea, yea, the Cobra is harder to drive with the IRS and the lack of low end torque/gear, but that's part of the reason why the AREN'T so much faster, ET wise, than a GT.

    I'm not denying the 4 valves superior power, I'm just saying the Cobras are nowhere near 6 - 8 tenths quicker than a GT, especially talking stock to stock. It kind of amazes me I even have to argue this.
  7. OK i don't want to stir the pot any further but i am curious back to the origianl question how much quicker is the 01 cobra to the 01 GT. From what i gather from this thread is all things (driver, air etc) equal about 2-3 tenths?

    Let me lend a little advice i have from my corvette knowledge. I keep hearing about the difficulty of launching an IRS. An IRS in dragracing really only hurts you because it is less efficient than a straight axle. Two identical cars one with an IRS one without the car without will dyno more rwhp, example vette vs camaro ls1 the camaro usually dyno more rwhp than vette. For those of you having difficulty launching you need to have your rear tires aligned differently for dragracing. I forget the correct terms but looking at the car from the rear the rear tires should be tipping out slightly i could look up degrees not sure off the top of my head. This way when you launch and the rear dips the tires should be flat on the ground other wise with a regular alignment when you launch you kind of ride on the inner edge of your tire.
  8. No, they are not GT's. They have a better intake, better exhaust, refined powerband for better low-end performance, better suspension, etc. Stop comparing the Cobra with the Bullitt here. We're talking GT'shere. If it says "BULLITT" anywhere on the car.....IT ISN'T A REGULAR OLD GT!

    Listen to what I'm saying here. The original post asked for average times in both cars with the same driver. Granted you could have one hell of a driver rip a 13.9 in a GT, and an old man push a 13.8 in a Cobra. Obviously that isn't a .6-.8 diff. If the guy who pulled a 13.9 in the GT then stepped into the Cobra, wouldn't you think he could manage low 13's? I posted a link to a thread on SVTPerformance where an "average" driver pulled a 13.2 bone stock. Wouldn't someone who really knew what he was doing pull atleast a similar time? :shrug:

    Whao! A 13.7?? Care to have a link to that? :eek:

    If someone runs a 15.0 in a GT, obviously a HORRIBLE time, then wouldn't they run a horrible time in the Cobra? Let's say 14.0-.14.5? If someone ran a 13.9 in a GT, obviously a great time, would he/she run a great time in the Cobra? We've all seen low 13 sec passes for stock 01 Cobra's, wouldn't he run atleast a mid 13? :shrug:
  9. Probably not considering that the GT has a live axle and the Cobra has IRS
  10. What does a Bullitt say on the fender? It says GT. If you won't accept Bullit times, ok. I've read about stock GT's with drag radials running 13.50s, I think it was J. Monahagen over on the Corral in his GT. Also read about some kid who ran 13.51 in his stock '01 GT in one of the mags, I think it is the car they later did a 5.4 swap in. You can find freak times for most cars.

    You act like low 13s in a '99 - '01 Cobra is commonplace. It isn't, sorry. Commonplace with a Mach 1, sure, but not an IRS Cobra. MM&FF ran a 13.3 in an '01 Cobra and they ran it hard enough to trash the 3650 in a day. I can pretty much garuantee that's all that car had.

    Bottom line: 99/01 Cobras are NOT 6 - 8 tenths faster than a '99+ GT, driver for driver, stock for stock.

    I'm tired of arguing this, you cannot educate the willingly ingnorant. Go to a track some time, watch what these cars run with the average joe behind the wheel, I bet you won't see many low 13 second Cobras that don't at least have exhaust or a gear.
  11. Ok, I'm not taking sides here, but this is my opinion. You guys are obviously arguing for which ever car you personally own or like the best. In my opinion it doesn't matter what the difference in times is because for each person those times will be different according to driving ability. The times will also change between different GTs and Cobras. I can sit here and tell you how I have beat Cobras and how I've driven both and blah blah blah, but it doesn't add up to a hill of beans because there are a lot of factors to add into the equation, with driver ability being the leading factor.

    The point is yes, the 01 Cobra has been run as fast as 13.3 bone stock and the GT has been run at 13.7 stock with the same driver behind the wheel (Evan Smith). That's .4 difference BETWEEN THOSE TWO CARS. I may get in the cars and not run anywhere near the same times or anywhere near the same difference between the two cars.

    Basically my point is that most people can't extract these times from these cars and it's pointless to argue about it. The Cobra owners need to pull their heads out of their @#^@!$& and stop thinking that they are so superior to the GT owners and the GT owners need to stop bashing the Cobra owners just because they opted to spend more money for an all around nicer car.

    Mod your cars guys, and run what you brung and leave the magazine racing to the teenie boppers and their rice boxes.
  12. I wasn't arguing anything other than ET's between a '99+ GT and a '99 - '01 Cobra.

    It has nothing to do with me liking one car over the other, and my position would be exactly the same if I was behind the wheel of an '01 Cobra.

    Numbers are numbers, emotion isn't coming into play for me in this arguement at all.

    Here is what I believe:
    The fixed 1999 and 2001 Cobras same driver, same day should be 2 - 3 tenths quicker and 3 - 4 mph faster than a GT, stock for stock. The Cobra's lead grows as parts (especially gears & tires) are added to the mix. They have more potential, especially in n/a form. They are much less common, and I actually like the 4 valve powerband better than the 2 valves, especially with some 4.30s or 4.56s in the rear.

    Cobras are sweet cars, I have never once knocked them in this thread. I have a healthy respect for those cars and am not one of these ignorant asses that say the 99/01 Cobras suck. I know better.
  13. I wasn't referring to your comments. It was more directed towards other posts in this thread.
  14. It's true, I read that article too. They removed the spare and tweaked a few things to run that time. Good driving :nice:

    I'd take a 99/01 Cobra over a 99 GT anyday. It'd be worth it.
  15. cobra's were overpriced back then bottom line. if you like you car great. but for the money there were not much more car. cobra's cost like 8k more then. I didn't feel 8k more car. but if you like to run around and tell people you own a cobra you can't do that in a gt so you spend the extra money. If your like me and you would rather just modify the car and save the extra $$$$ you buy a gt.

    you can argue this crap all do long. I will say this for 99-01 cars gt + 8k > cobra
  16. 01 Cobra 8k more than a GT? BZZ! Try again.. The 01 Cobra MSRP was around 29k.. The Bullitt had an MSRP of 27,380 and the 01 GT had an MSRP of about 24k.. That is not 8k.. More like 4-5k.. Bullitt IMO was overpriced.. Beautiful as the car is/was... The Bullitt is a GT, with the "Bullitt Package"..

    Ok here we go, I had an 02 GT stock.. Vs my Friends 01 Cobra stock.. We would race all the time for fun.. If he was in the right RPM range from a roll he would eat my GT alive.. Just walk away from it. From a stock, I would take him for a good.. oh second or two out of the hole, once he got rolling and the rev's started to climb he would skate on past me as well. I ran my GT to a 13.9@100 MPH with a 1.9 60.. I'm not a bad driver.. All this magazine/bench racing is lame. Real world facts is that his Cobra walked my GT with ease. I don't care if a magazine states a Cobra at 13.8.. A well driven 01 Cobra is a mid 13 second car. A well driven GT is a high 13/low 14 sec car.. The Cobra dynos a good 30-40 more RWHP than a GT.. Is a bit heavier with the IRS and 4V motor.. However my friend cut 1.9-2.1 60 foot times on his "hard to launch IRS". So uhm, my GT didn't have the advantage there much..

    The Cobra is just an overall better car.. Seats, wheels, exterior parts, nifty white faced gauges and just the fact that the letters SVT is on your trunk lid..

    Whew.. And what did he run stock? Why he cut a nice 13.4@105 MPH.. My GT ran a best of 13.9 with consistant 14.0-14.2's... You guys do the math now..
  17. :nice:
    Cobra is great. 4V and better seats sells me. :shrug:
  18. The interior, brakes, and IRS are the things that I think make it worth the money. The 4V is also a plus :nice:

    I am hardly ever going to be on a track, so I want a fast streetable car. I think I'll try to find a Cobra ;)
  19. Good choice, might want to see if you can find a Mach used or new.. They're a bit quicker on the street.. Cannot go wrong with either.
  20. I thought I remembered them saying they didn't do anything to it. As in the stock paper air filter was in place and spare in the trunk.