2001 GT vs. 2001 Cobra...

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  1. You know honestly guys who friggin cares....

    01 GT nice car
    01 Cobra nice car
    01 Bullitt nice car

    enough said.... having owned a GT and now an 01 Cobra, i sometimes miss my GT both had their strengths and weaknesses. overall i loved my GT and i love my Cobra. Like i said before both are damn nice cars.
  2. Car and driver tested the 01 cobra and its 0-60 was 4.8 seconds and they usually dyno around 272 rwhp. I am not pulling this out of my a$$ i have the mag. When muscle mustang fast ford tested it vs the mach the mach did like 13.1 and the cobra did like a 13.3. At the strip i saw a 99 cobra in street tires pull a 13.5
  3. I can't find the article online... I don't remember if I read it in the mag (I only bought 2 or 3 issues) or if I read it online.
  4. first off my friend had a stock 99 camaro ss
    i had a 99 cobra with exaughst
    and from nose to nose i was no more than 1 foot behind him
    since then his car is no more
    and a few more bolt ons for me
    i smoke most vettes yes even the new bodys
    lt1s, ls1, porshes mostly all of em but that damn twin turbo,
    supras, rx-7s, 350zs actually today i beat a maserati he might have been caught up in the hov
    has anyone ever checked out a car called the panoz esprit it actually uses a ford 4.6 4v engine
    and all i have to say about the i r s through in some shocks n struts
    WHo said german cars handle the best
    if i ever see that twin turbo again on the pkwy
    ill show him what billsteins on a cobra can do
    If you bought a cobra for the 1/4 mile youre an idiot
    Real men road race
    See you at watkins glen
  5. Real men don't road race on the streets.. :rolleyes:
  6. Amen
  7. My brother has a 2001 cobra vert and pulled off a 13.58 @ 102 mph...all stock. The coupe has gotta be 2 tenths faster. GT's all stock are in the low 14's...I've never seen a GT break into the 13's without changing tires.
  8. then you need to get out more!!!

    actually if any of you in K.C...........i raced a 01 cobra vert last weekend.
    raced from a 15mph roll.........pulled a car by end of 2nd gear & put 1 1/2 cars on him in 3rd gear & another 2 cars thru 4th gear.

    how bad of a driver can you be with only a 3rd to 4th shift & getting almost 4 car lengths put on you.

    his 01 GT vert with exhaust was exactely the same.
    much better brakes can be had than the cobra.
    and i did not care for the seats that remind me of that dolly parton song "momma sewed me a seat of many colors of crappy suede" :rlaugh:
    white face gauges can be had if that is your thing.....not mine since i prefer the blacked out look.
    the extra money i save from insurance comes in handy too.

    lets just say when these nitto's, 4.10's, uca/lca's & dynotune go in..............it wont matter if whodini is driving a stock cobra or mach.........he is getting :owned: :D
  9. 4 cars eh? That is HUGE lead at the end of 4th gear.. His car is a bit heavier then yours.. But I don't see a 4 car whooping unless he missed a shift or something.. That Cobra you raced is heavier, but does put 270+ to the the wheels. With your mods, you're around the 250-260 mark, being very optimistic.

    You're going to need a few more mods to own me.. Might be interesting, but there would be no owning. Especially from rolls like your claim of the Cobra victory.. After your mods, post some timeslips... I'm sure your GT is quick, but don't be thinking you're going to lay 4 car ownage to every Cobra/Mach you run across..
  10. This thread is very funny. LOL. Stock for stock the Cobra wins, plain and simple. 320 vs. 260 fwhp wins. Very close in the trq output. Granted it's all at different powerbands, but if you have two stock cars-Cobra vs. GT, same dragstrip, same day, same weather and 1 driver that knows each cars powerband and how to launch each car effectively to maximize e.t. the Cobra wins without argument. This thread is worse then GT vs. LS1 thread. Honestly you can't go wrong with either car, they are both sweet, and remember you can make a lump of poop fast with enough money but in the end you still have a lump of poop. This doesn't apply to any Mustang though.

  11. Well said.... :nice:

    p.s. how do you like the Ford racing rotors?
  12. The FRPP rotors are nice. I wish they had came with a zinc coating option. They are already warped. I think the tech that put them on did not do it correctly and overzealously overtightened the lugs. With rotors they should be torqued from 75-90 lb. ft. of trq in a star pattern depending on who you're asking. I got tired of the brake fade from the oem rotors. They are a good temporary fix with good aftermarket pads of course.
  13. Okay...maybe 99+ Cobra aren't a .6 - .8 seconds faster. But they are easily a 1/2 second & 3 - 4 mph faster with the same driver (skilled), same track, same day. As Far a SOTP goes the GT loses in every aspect except the 0 - 60mph sprint. Cobra's aren't really weak on the bottom end compared to a GT, it just seem that way cause the DOHC has such a High RPM rush that the GT doesn't.

    BTW: Cobra > GT......Stock For Stock, Mod For Mod.
  14. :lol:

    Your Suck a BSer it isn't even funny :notnice:
  15. dont forget dont forget the little more than a car i had by end of 2nd. it was total 4 1/2 to 5 car lengths...........even had his spare/jack out & i think he said K&N filter only.
    i need to try a mach out.........but the way these people say the 01 cobras run 13.2 @ 105..........means the mach should run 12.9 @ 107........stock everything including tires.

    i will run a mach after my new mods coming up.
    problem is i only know 2 machs & both have mid-pipes, mufflers & nitto's....................i wonder how the mach responds to those mods.............any guess on theirs times?
  16. Thank you 4.6modular, bottom line is, at the track pretty much equal drives the Cobra would beat the GT.

    My 96 used to beat my 99GT regularly when they were both stock with nothing more then a K & N.

    Badd, you might as well get the last word, cause you are that type.

    No wonder I don't visit this board as much as I used to.

    PS, to the guy who said it was 8K more . . .BUNK! I could have had a 99 Cobra for $4K more then my GT.
  17. Those Mach's with the mid pipes, mufflers and Nittos should be 12 second cars with a decent driver. Unless they are crappy drivers (which very well might be the case) they will beat you.

    Mach's are strong runners.