2001 gt won't turn over after some work

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  1. thanks, i wasn't sure. my problem must be somewhere else then since they are telling me it will crank normal but not fire.:notnice:
  2. Camshaft Sensor Operation!

    This is what the camshaft sensor does! Make sure it is working as indended. Check for the proper voltage. Good luck, Tommy.

    Description and Operation


    Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor

    The camshaft position sensor used by COP Integrated EI system is a magnetic transducer mounted on the engine front cover adjacent to the camshaft. By monitoring a target on the camshaft sprocket, the CMP sensor identifies cylinder one to the PCM. The COP Integrated EI system uses this information to synchronize the firing of the individual coils.

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  3. i know what it is and what it does, thanks. thats not what my problem is. the dealership is telling me my plugs are fouled and my plug boots are bad. if that doesnt fix it im going to shoot them.:mad:
  4. I'd have them STOP working on your vehicle, pay them for the inspection and send it home. You already know that the battery is the issue.
  5. Engine does not fire up!

    It sounds strange to me that previous to you replacing the timing chain that your engine fired up, even with the fouled plugs and bad spark plug wires as the dealer claims. If you are absolutely sure that you installed the timing chain correctly, then I would think it would be something with the electrical system. Perhaps when you reconnected the camshaft sensor wire connector, one of the terminal pins got bent out of position. This is where I would look. Good luck, Tommy.

  6. mogs, arent you on buckeyestangs also? you in ohio?

    the battery was the electrical issue. the crank and cam sensors are fine i assure you. i checked them twice.
  7. If the car cranks but won't fire after work was done behind the timing cover my first instinct would be to check around the garage, behind doors, on shelves and whatnot for the toothed timing wheel that normally resides behind the cover. If you find it, you've found why you have no fire.
  8. good one:Zip2:
  9. no start

    was gonna give my 2cents on this but u sent it to the dealer,my question was timing chain?as a noob if you were trying to follow steps to set chains i do believe left is right and right is left when lookin at chains ,on the crank their was a wheel that the sensor reads and on drivers side head was another,,that one is hard to pull off with power steering tank,could have pulled out wires,,and i agree with squeak on that dealer has tool for sensors,,i use my predator to read koeo volts to sensors and they most likely know was wrong but need to get the bill higher from diagnostic time
  10. guys... can we get past the sensors here? i removed the sensors myself and put them back just as they were did not bend anything they are not unplugged either. that was one of the first things i checked. :lock:
  11. Actually, I'm quite serious. Did you re-install the timing wheel before putting the cover back on?
  12. im a bit confused by this term... give me a bit more info
  13. Behind the timing cover, in front of the two cam sprockets, is a large "timing wheel" that the crankshaft position sensor, which inserts into the timing cover just behind the A/C compressor, uses to obtain crank speed and position information. You can see it in this pic:


    If this wheel is omitted before the cover goes on, the PCM does not get crankshaft RPM or position data and the coils do not fire. Every time I read of someone having a no-fire issue after mucking about behind the timing cover this is the first thing that comes to mind.

    You may also have forgotten to plug in the crank position sensor so check that too. If you pull the CPS out of the timing cover, you should, I believe, be able to stick a finger in the hole and feel for the timing wheel.

    It seems like a commonly forgotten item. That's why I said to look around your garage for this part: If you find it on your bench, then it's not in the engine :)
  14. timing

    nice pic..some day i will figure out how to post pics like that,,dude dont laugh ,,i did that and found the wheel just before trying to start car,,my new thought is now how much silicone did you use when putting cover back on?here is why i ask,,after my engine was back together the cam sprockets broke..had to pull engine to clean oil pan from metal pieces of sprocket..i did notice the oil pump pickup was covered with silicone,,it wasnt the color i used ,ford did do work on the head ,in service manual they show putting silicone in 6 spots ,not all of the cover..im assuming that the chain runs close and removes what silicone sticks out when using too much...could have caused a low oil pressure problem,and more will wait for an update
  15. haha yeah i definitely put that back in.
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    jomull55, does the car have a spark?
  17. the car is still at the dealership. they are telling me the plugs are fouled so they want to put new plugs and plug boots on it. i expect them to have this done today but i dont believe it is going to be fixed after the fact. so i will be having it towed so i can do more troubleshooting myself. im done paying 100$ an hour for labor to these fools. my bill is like $600 right now. im done with the stealership.:mad:
  18. Hate to say it, but I didn't think they would solve ur issue quickly....
  19. well the only reason i took it there is because i was thinking it was a PATS or computer issue. otherwise i wouldn't have.
  20. posting pics

    Trinity gt,,thanks for that info im gonna try it out...and jomull50,,what makes you feel that car wont be running when dealer is done,,,i could never take someones money without car being fixed...as to pats system ,,i have a key that we use that dosnt allow starting the car,its just a spare to get in car and listen to radio...but i do believe that you could have put a test lite on starter solenoid and turn key,,lite will lite up if pats is ok....the alarm system on my 03 cobra shuts down my starting system after a couple of minutes if you dont put key in...most guys have the ford service manual that will tell you in detail how to do diagnostic on the car..$25 disc,(dont work on car without one)lol,,,,for the big bucks they are charging you are you getting another key?