2001 gt won't turn over after some work

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  1. hard to start

    question? is everything hooked up when trying to start,,mine wont start is maf is not hooked up,,,are you sure maf has power to it? and here is stupid question,,when you reset your timing chains you did put copper links at marks and you turned engine over around 8 times to see if your still on before re-installing front cover? your driverside can be on and passenger off by 1 tooth
  2. i have an o/r x
  3. Fuel in your oil!

    My concern is with the unspent fuel. With all the attempts of starting the engine, there will be alot of unspent fuel that has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is in the engine oil pan. I cannot begin to tell you how critical this condition is for the life of your engine. The Chevy engine I spoke of in a previous thread was brand new. I had electrical related problems with the fuel system and all of the unspent fuel ended up in the engine oil pan. Every week I was changing my oil and oil filter while troubleshooting my problems because I could smell the fuel in the oil. After about about a month of troubleshooting I finally got the engine to run. By that time, it was too late. The damage to the bearings had already happend. Everytime I would start up the engine, I would hear a knock, and it would get louder and louder as time went on. Needless to say, I had to pull the engine. So, please do check for unspent fuel in your oil. Drain you oil and you will smell it right away if fuel is present. Good luck, Tommy.
  4. i had the same problem on an eclipse once... only run at wot (and not run good either) and it car had compression had spark and had fuel... thought it was timing as i had just changed the belt... after multiple times of checking timing and verify that it was right.. it ended up being a bad camshaft sensor.. as i understand it on that vehicle the camshaft sensor set the fuel timing. so it was getting fuel.. just at the wrong time.. now i know a 4.6 is different, but i believe that the camshaft sensor operates on the same principals. also i had checked the sensor to see if it was good and the tests showed it was good.. but in a last effort move i swapped the sensor from a friends car to check and it fired right up... hope it helps!
  5. after looking at the car again yesterday i'm pretty sure the timing is still off or i bent valves. i bought a compression gauge for 8$ at harbor freight but i could not get it to thread into the spark plug holes well enough. it would just pop out. so im going to tear it back down and check the timing again, if its still on i can assume i have bent valves.

    if the valves are bent i guess i will start looking for aftermarket heads/cams. or maybe just wait on trickflow's
  6. ummmm.. when you got the car back from the dealership and reset the timing, was the timing off? if soo how much?and well on another note... if you did bend the valves i have a set of stock pi heads for sale...
  7. timing was off by like 2 teeth as far as i could tell. but it could still be off after i set it because i did not turn the crank 8 times to see if it was still on, pm me with a price for the heads.
  8. +1. I can't find anywhere that u said the timing was off. Just that u re checked the timing and it was ok. So with that said, if the timing was not off, then you did not bend your valves. I too am leaning towards a bad sensor.
  9. testing/checking

    i would get a different compression tester before pulling front cover... dude i was also in the same shoe as you,,,my cobra ate a valve ,and squeak also just got a quick learning....a 4.6 is easier than a lawnmower to get running,,,you did say the car was running ,but timing chain was loose and making noise,, just go for it and change both sensors (crank/cam) its those or something you did,,,, my problem was found with a compression tester,,
  10. two teeth will not cause PtV issues or starting issues.
  11. well if i tear down again and see if the timing is off... hopefully get this done tonight
  12. Save urself the trouble and buy the two sensors first. At this point you've wasted so much money that you can justify some more for the sensors. Maybe if u know the parts guys well enough, if they don't fix ur issue u can return them.
  13. Bent valves or not?

    If this was my engine, I would take the compression tester back for one that will work right for you. No matter what you do at this point, you can save yourself alot of work by getting the compression check done. Once you are satisfied that your timing is set right, get the compression test done. This will tell you if you have to remove the heads or not! Good luck, Tommy.
  14. Well there's your problem right there ;). I posted on BS for ya.
  15. :bs::notnice::mad:
  16. Nothing a little JB Weld can't fix :D Trippy all four broke.
  17. i guess the timeing was off more then you expected??? i wonder how the heads are...
  18. I can't see the pics..... did the valves break or what?
  19. cam followers broke. valves are probably bent also.

    most likely i will be removing head(s) and taking them to a machine shop to be repaired. also might look into getting them ported a bit. im not sure yet. i plan to go chat with the machine shop when i get off work today.