2001 gt won't turn over after some work

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by jomull55, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. You're not that far from Fox Lake either. They do very good work and build some great heads. They do engines as well!!

    Fox Lake Power Products
    6060 Dalton Fox Lake Road
    North Lawrence, Ohio 44666
    Phone: (330) 682-8800

  2. there is a reputable machine shop that is very close to me i think im going to take there because i changed my mind on this once again.

    i think im going to fix the motor to stock +longtubes for financial reasons. also i have never been down the track in any car, i am 18 years old. so i would like to put it back together stock and take her down the track a few times and see how i like it. if i get into it ill make more upgrades down the road. i dont want to have 5k in a car that im just going to drive on the street
  3. I wouldn't put longtubes on a stock motor. They are just too expensive for what little improvement they provide to a stock motor.
  4. anyone want so second this motion?
    i figure why not since the motor will be out? ive heard gains of 15ish rwhp? (i dont wanna sound like a noob that goes by what every magazine/part add says but ive heard long tubes are legit) anyone got dyno #'s?
  5. Long tubes are good for around 20 hp give or take. At this point the install cost is minimal. I'd recommend them as long as emissions arn't an issue.

  6. :notnice: I totally disagree with that statement. Even if the gains were minimal at best right NOW I am sure he is like every other car guy out there and has future plans for the car. But since it has been proven time and time again that long tubes just simply make more power than the stock loggers, it is a GREAT time for him to install them as the motor will be out anyway. 15 horse is 15 horse. In our cars, it doesn't take much to make a nice gain. Plus it will make every other mod he does in the future that much better.

    Do the Lt's if you can afford them!
  7. install cost will be zero since im doing it myself:nice: but i will have to either modify my x pipe or sell mine and get another :notnice: oh well.

    exactly. anyone want to recommend a brand? im really interested in the edelbrock victor series lt's that summit has. ive really liked all the other edelbrock products ive had so that is why i am leaning that way
  8. Look at the ship date on the edelbrocks. I'd honestly go bbk if your looking at budget.
  9. wow thanks for pointing that out, but the bbk's are only 30$ cheaper than the edelbrocks. ive heard a few people on here say that the flow tech's arent bad. what about hedman?pypes?
  10. You get what you pay for. I personally think bbk's quality has gone down A LOT in the past years. (compared a friends 351 swap headers from 8-10 years ago with a set I bought last year, wow, the new ones were nasty. Took 2 hours of grinding to clean up the inside welds on the ports). Anyway, headmans seem to be good and I don't know much about the pypes yet.
  11. the headmans look pretty good, but if this thing takes me long enough ill probably give the edelbrocks a try
  12. Honestly, when I comes to LT's I would only put SLP or kooks on my car. Again, you get what you pay for. SLP is pricy, but a damn quality header.
  13. i just cant justify shelling out 900 bucks for headers
  14. Oh I understand completely. But I'll tell you what. When you spend 400 bucks on headers just to realize they are too cheap to seal. And you try to seal them 4 times, each time dropping the K-member, you'll wish you had spent 900 bucks the first time. I would get the quality headers or not do it at all. just my .02
  15. my motor is going to be completely out of the car when i install the headers....

  16. Yep, this time around. Trust me, I'm not trying to force any opinion on you, just trying to share some of my experiences. Good luck!
  17. thanks, im not exactly sure what im going to go with yet.

    on another note hopefuly i will have the shortblock out tonight and maybe get it to the machine shop tomorrow!
  18. couple of crappy cell phone pics from last night, forgot my camera.



  19. has anyone seen numbers on the new trickflow stage 2 cams with their heads yet?
  20. i had a similar problem when installing my new engine there are no grounds on the timing cover. only the one negative battery cable ground that goes to the block and the block to frame ground. my old starter tested good and started with a jump but would draw all my power from my batter. the starter was drawing excess power and replacing it fixed the problem. now it starts but it wont idle sucks for me sorry about the dealership