2001 Mustang gauge cluster service lights are all out


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Sep 3, 2018
I have a 2001 Mustang GT (automatic) and boy does it have problems. Let me start out with the biggest:

This car got flagged by a smog referee (CA) before I bought it last year, due to being straight-piped. I have solved that problem and have 4 brand new cats on my car, but when I went to go have it inspected the computer was a problem. Namely, the service lights are not coming on at all no matter what position the key is in. On or turned on, ABS, power steering, E-brake, TCS, O/D, CEL, etc. - none of them turn on at any point. I know it's not the bulbs because I have switched gauge clusters and the problem is still there.

Another oddity - the CEL was actually off while the car had straight-pipes, and zero codes were coming up. Despite this, it still failed the smog test with OBD2 being a data-fail. I don't know what the hell I can do at this point, since I've also had to drop in an 2004 engine due to the previous engine crapping out.

Some other problems I could use help with - sort of numb steering. I was told to have my rag-joint modified. Does anyone have a diagram or step-by-step list on how to improve it for improved steering feedback? Another problem I have with the steering is that there's a creaking noise at low speeds while turning (doesn't matter which way I'm turning). Besides this, I also have a steering/braking problem - previous owner stuck on Saleen calipers on the front, and as I'm turning at low speeds while braking, the brake calipers or something feel loose or jumbled for some reason. It's very noticeable.

One more thing - my O/D switch is busted since the previous owner had it wired out of the shifter like an idiot. I've now gotten a new shifter with O/D button, but my mechanic can't find the O/D wiring. Diagram anyone? I'm also having problems with the TCS button - namely that the light is off and I cannot disable it. Unsure what's causing that problem.

Thanks ahead of time!
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Sep 3, 2018
Interesting, I have that odometer issue but it's intermittent. The speedometer, tachometer, temperature, voltmeter, and fuel gauge work (oil pressure one is out, though)

Is that enough to cause no OBD2 codes to be shown at all, though?


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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Try this. Turn the key on but do NOT crank. All of the lamps in the cluster should turn on briefly for a "lamp test". If they do not, there's a problem in the cluster OR the cluster is not getting the power feed from the ignition switch telling it to turn on. The cluster uses key on power from fuses F2.5 and F2.34. I would start by confirming key on power in and out of these fuses. Use a known good ground.

1999-2004 MY fuse panel schedule:

In the same vein there is supposed to be power at the ODB2 port. Have you attempted to scan/read the ODB2 port yourself?

Go back to my original post about checking the ground. There is a ground behind the center console that is used for a TON of dash items. It's also used by the radio and is frequently messed up during a radio install. Guess what? The ODB2 port also uses the same ground behind the center console.

Also DOUBLE check the grounding strap from the left hand motor mount to the frame rail. This strap is frequently over looked during a motor removal and simply ripped out. Or it's forgotten during re-install. It's normally a flat braided strap that's visible near the oil filter.
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