2001 Mustang GT will crank but not start


New Member
Jun 7, 2020
I recently purchased a 2001 Mustang GT 5 speed. I knew it wasn't running right when I bought it but it was a good deal so I took a shot in the dark. The car will crank and occasionally start but when it does start it doesn't run long and dies shortly after. I have replaced the Camshaft positioning sensor and the crank positioning sensor. As well as the fuel pump and filter. I've even tried things like trying to swap the MAF but nothing changes. I've seen some forums say holding the IAC open a little might help it but that didn't help either. The car will crank and crank good just won't start and stay running. Any ideas please? The only other thing was there was a code about the EGR system but I didn't figure that would keep it from starting but nothing would surprise me at this point. Any help is welcome, thanks.
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