2001 mustang GT wont start only turns over?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by aaronfromsac, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. :shrug::shrug::shrug:My car will not start. It turns over but thats it. I have changed the fuel pump and filter. Also checked all the fuses and relays under the hood. I have reset the switch in the trunk and checked fuel lines for leaks. Computer still works and doesnt throw any codes also checked voltage and it is fine. My buddy says he thinks its a relay on the power distribution module. this is under my fender. Can this be the problem that causes my fuel pump not to turn on? Any ideas or suggestions will be appriciated. 2001 Mustang GT
  2. sounds like ur not getting fuel check fuel pump fuse to element the pump being bad have someone turn the key switch on but don't turn over engine put ur head under fuel tank if u can hire the pump then you know it's not the pump itself may also be a ground issues
  3. Is the theft light flashing? For the 1999-2004, the PATS system disables the fuel system resulting in crank but no start.

    The PATS on the 1996-1998 disables the starter.

    This could also be a bad IAC. Try cracking open the throttle. If it starts with throttle cracked open, it is likely the IAC is stuck closed not allowing enough bypass air to start the car.

    You have already checked the IFS (crash) fuel shut off.

    If none of the above, turn the key to the on possition and listen for the fuel pump. Do you hear it? Turn the key on/off without starting several times. Each time the pump should run for a few seconds.

    A noid light on a fuel injector can test for injector fire. Same for the COPs.

    May be a good idea the check all of the fuses. Has fuel pressure to the rail been confirmed? Let us know the results and go from there.
  4. Something else that might though is a bad CKP (crank position sensor).