Saleen 2001 mustang saleen Lean bank 1 and 2

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SALEEN900, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. I have put a ton of money in trying to get rid of these codes p0171,p0174.New intake gasket new mass air flow sensor,egr dpse,No vacum leaks.I checked fuel pressure when car is cold it is 32 when i give it the gas goes to 20.Once car is warmed up on the fuel tester gauge it is pegged at 55 what could the problem be need help.
  2. How are the fuel injectors?

    Fuel filter?

    Do you have enough fuel pressure given the mods -- and what mods, if any, do you have?

    Possible vacuum leak downflow from the MAF sensor?

    Possible oil contamination from an oiled filter, though this shouldn't be a problem unless the filter is overoiled -- unless the problem disappeared for a while after you installed your new sensor.
  3. Sounds very similar to the problem I was having with my 99 after a certain shop 'tuned' it.... fuel pressure would start around 20 and just keep climbing and stay at 50. We removed the chip and it instantly threw codes for the O2 sensors.... Turns out the replacement PCM they put in the car was bad... had that replaced again and most of the problems went away.
  4. Put a new fuel pump in car and now getting p0171 still
  5. The car is stock but it has no cats on it.Need to get it inspected but cant.