2001 Roush Supercharger Intercooler Pump Problem


Feb 8, 2009
I have a 2001 Roush Stage 3 supercharged mustang. The intercooler pump is not coming on. It should normally turn on when key is on. The pump works because I tapped into the positive wire and connected directly to battery. This tells me I have a good ground and the positive wire is good all the way to the bulkhead/firewall connector on the driver's side under the front fender. Roush's positive wire connects to pin 5 on this connector. Prior to Roush upgrading the mustang from the factory the engine side of pin 5 was not used. The dash side of this bulkhead connector has a wire from the factory. Roush uses this to get key on power for the intercooler pump

My problem is I'm not getting key on power and I don't know where pin 5 wire goes. Its hard to tell since wire is part of big wrapped harness.

Where does pin 5 wire on dash side of go (bulkhead/firewall connector drivers side under left front fender)? Is there a fuse or ignition switch or relay driving this positive wire that I should check?
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