Expired 2001 Saleen Rare Automatic Real #167/167 Low Miles 17k Obo

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  1. Up for sale is a 2001 Saleen speedster. 72,xxx miles, incredibly RARE automatic, special ordered from the factory and originally owned by a Saleen executive. Lived in California 90% of its life- a guy bought it from ca and shipped it to Michigan and I bought it from him and drove it back to CA. Rust free.
    It is not the supercharged package/trim.
    The car is number 167 out of 167 speedsters made in 2001 - meaning its the last one off the line!
    It also comes with the two seater tonneau cover. it is silver with very tasteful tinted windows and tail lights.
    Brand new SLP Loudmouth II catback exhaust (less than a month old), sounds wayyy mean
    Small scratches on the front bumper (not my fault lol) but other than that its in near perfect condition.
    I have some really classy chrome Saleen bumper lettering and chrome "167" numbers for the front bumper coming in the mail.
    Bilstein shocks/struts put on about 10k miles ago
    There is nothing mechanically wrong with this car. It has been female driven the past 4 years and never abused.

    One of the only New Edge Mustangs these days that hasn't been modified... completely stock engine/drivetrain.

    This car was featured on late model restorations Instagram! If you were one of the 1,000 to like it, thank you!

    This is one of the rarest saleens you will ever come by.
    I just simply dont have the time to take care of it anymore with a more than full time job, but im not in a rush to sell, so the price is pretty firm. email me or text only please 6507227529

    17k obo
    Will trade for saleen, mach1, roush, cobra, gto, ws6, z28, ss, any muscle car basically just let me know what you've got. Will take cash on top or put cash on top of mine.
    just shoot me a text or inbox and we can talk!
    thanks! 00g0g_3R0HqMheqm6_600x450.jpg 00X0X_cuEeyPNGpa0_600x450.jpg 00Z0Z_fsxKm6kKgxI_600x450.jpg 00n0n_7vuFZR8iSym_600x450.jpg 00g0g_3R0HqMheqm6_600x450.jpg 00X0X_cuEeyPNGpa0_600x450.jpg 00Z0Z_fsxKm6kKgxI_600x450.jpg 00n0n_7vuFZR8iSym_600x450.jpg
  2. car located in sf bay area
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