2001 v6 mustang hesitation under light throttle

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  1. Hello

    My father in law has a 2001 ford mustang v6. We have been trying to fix it for a week now without getting any results. The car will hesitate and buck under light throttle. We did a coil pack test and they tested out fine. We put a fuel gauge on it and it reads 30 at idle and about 35 with the vacuum hose off the fuel regulator sensor. So we changed out the fuel pump and the regulator sensor on the fuel rail. Car shows the same fuel pressure and is still not working like it should. Any ideas???? Thank you
  2. Auto or manual? It might be a torque converter going out. It could also be something with the throttle position sensor or something wrong with the injectors. Do you have a check engine light? Does it flash when the car is hesitating?
  3. It does not throw a code. I wish it did. The car is an auto. I do not think that it has anything to do with the converter because you can tell that it hesitates when it is at idle. I just purchased a TPS from Discount Auto today. After dinner I will put it on the car and see if that helps. Thanks
  4. Have the plugs and wires been replaced yet? Bad wires especially will cause hesitation and bucking.I'm aiming torwards those as the cause.Does it ever backfire?
  5. Replaced the TPS and the EGR. It did not fixed it. The car will miss at idle. The plugs have just been changed. The wires were reused. We changed the oil and plugs first and then we moved on to the fuel filter, pump, ect. Any more ideas? I though that the pcm would throw a code if there was a miss fire?:shrug:
  6. Bad wires wont throw codes if the miss is intermittent.I'm still betting an 80% chance that the wires are bad.Now that you said you reused them.If you havn't touched the wires yet,or if they havn't ever been replaced,then go ahead and replace them.They should be replaced at the same time as the plugs.

    Here's something you can try.At night,pop the hood and start the car.Now look at all the plug wires carefully while in as much darkness as possible.If your wires are bad and they are crossing paths with another wire or something metal,you'll see light blue haze or bluish sparks.Also look down where the wire boot connects to the plug.

    There's also a chance the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor is real dirty.This could be the case if the car is driven in real dusty areas,you use a K & N filter and used too much oil in the filter or the car has a a lot of miles on it.BTW ,how many miles are on it?
  7. Same with mine..started today

    We had driven 200 miles and the hesitation occured twice today. We have new plugs and wires and coil. Runs fine otherwise. If you determine what the problem is with yours, we will be intersted in what you find.

    Ours is a '01 V6 with 132k miles.

  8. I have a 01 V6 does basically the same and it has 205,000,000 miles. I hooked it to an OBDII and it threw 3 codes. Random Misfire on Cylinder 2, EGR Valve, and the Throttle Position Sensor. Could any of these cause my car to have a very bad misfire, idle extremely rough, and lose all horsepower??? I have tried new plugs, plug wires, and a coil pack? What could be wrong with it???