2002 Convertible Question

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  1. I just bought a 2002 GT convertible that is really nice. One of the few flaws is a rust spot on the top piece that seals against top of the windshield. It is really only visible when the top is down, but it is bugging me.


    I looked at a handful of cars and they all had these spots to varying degrees so I assume it's pretty common. I wondered how others fixed this. I thought about taking it off and having it powder coated, but I didn't know if taking it off would mess up the seal somehow on the top, and I'm not ready for a new top. Any suggestions?
  2. Maybe a cheap solution is to get a wire brush, scrub it down, and then hit it with some spray paint.
  3. I removed that piece stripped the rust and repainted it easily.
  4. yup...remove it, clean it and paint it...
  5. That's the ticket. Lightly wire brush it, sand it with 400-600 grit sandpaper. I applied a rust inhibitor/killer and repainted with semi - flat paint. Looks great.