2002 Ford Escape Airbag Light Problem

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  1. I'm sure this is in the wrong forum, but i wasn't sure where it goes, mods please move if necessary.

    Anyway, My father just bought a used 2002 Ford Escape [4wd 3.0L V6 DOHC EEC-V SEFI]. And he neglected to notice that the car has an airbag light on in it :bang: Sooo now he needs me to fix this airbag light problem. I went to my old mechanic shop where i used to work and stole his ghetto brick snap on scanner and scanned the car. Here were the results:

    B1998 Key (Transponder) Programing Fail or LT or RT latch release CKT Fail. [01/01]
    (not sure what that code means, im guessing it means the key was either programmed incorrectly, or the left or right latch release "catch" is failing?)

    Also i ran a light check on it, and after the i cycle the key from OFF to RUN (without starting) the Airbag light flashes 3 times then it flashes 7 more times, leaving an airbag fault# 37 i believe.

    My problem that i am asking you guys is, what does the fault #37 mean (the snap on scanner only told me what a code 35 means and others below that, it did not have a 37 in there) and what does the error code B1998 mean?

    Is anyone on here a ford tech and can help me find the problem to this?

    Background on the car: My father tells me the car was in a head on accident where the right front headlight area was damaged. The car was repaired and the oriiginal owner kept the car for a year after the accident. I believe the original owner to be a 18 year old kid, as the car shows signs of aftermarket stereo wiring as well as a Roush "billet" grille in the front...which while looks nice... who puts a billit grill in an escape? I mean really :rlaugh:

    Any and all help on this would be appreciated ASAP, as my father has a chance to return the car or make the dealer fix the problem if he acts fast enough.
  2. Jay, send Mike (svttech76) a PM so he can help you on this. He's a Ford tech.
  3. Already did, thanks though =)
  4. that scanner is giving you the wrong code description..

    b1998 is passenger side air bad module resistance high.

    the LFC ( light flash code) for that is 37 or three flashes followed by 7 flashes..

    there is a TSB on this 04-26-12

    TSB # 04-26-12

    FORD: 2001-2004 Escape

    Some 2001-2004 Escape vehicles may exhibit the air bag warning lamp illuminating intermittently with DTC B1994 (driver side, side mount air bag circuit open) or B1998 (passenger side, side mount air bag circuit open). This condition may be caused by a variation in the electrical continuity at connector C337 (passenger side) or C367 (driver side) at the body harness wire terminal crimp.

    Install a replacement body harness pigtail connector in the affected circuit. Refer to the instruction sheet included in the connector repair kit.

    1L8Z-14A411-A Connector Repair Kit

    paying a shop to do this repair should go for about 3-4 hours. warrenty time is about 2.0 and most shops double the warrenty time on cash work. if you want to do it yourself just remember to do this with the battery disconnected unless you like getting a face full of air bag.
  5. Thanks for the reply and info man. But my i'll tell my father and see if he can have the Ford Dealer he bought it from cover it, or at least do it. I really dont want to get involved. I have enough problems workin on BMWs all day and then trying to fix my ABS problem in my stang. But i'll let him know. thanks alot :nice:
  6. Hey mike, if i get you the VIN, think you could tell me if the Escape is still covered under some kind of warranty?

  7. sure PM me the vin and I will check for you. BTW if he bought the car less than 30 days ago he might be able to get the dealer to fix it. I am not to sure about the used car laws in your state. You may want to check on your states website and look up the law
  8. Yeah im in New Jersey, and i dont know either. However he did buy it Tuesday of last week, so this coming tuesday will be one week. So i think he if goes there monday he shouldn't have a problem making a few complaints to the service manager and having it covered. I hope anyway.