2002 Ford Mustang Hood Latch Cable.


New Member
Nov 4, 2017
Oh boy do I have so many questions about things... A lot of work to be done to this 2002 Mustang GT Silver. I love it but man is it a pain in the ass sometimes... This is first of many! Message me if you think you'd be able to help with more of my questions!

Anyways. One day when I was on (Military Leave) I pulled the hood latch cable from inside the car and the cable popped and I had to leave it sitting for a bit before I could get to it and fix it. Little brother decided to try to show friend the engine in the car. He pulled the whole cable out somehow and now I have a new cable but how do I feed it through and into the Hood Latch Cable assembly? I have looked everywhere on google and for guides on this vehicle but nothing!

-No cable currently
-Replacing 2002 Mustang Hood Cable
-How to, Help.
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