2002 Gt Bad Rpm Gauge

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  1. I recently took my car in too the shop for a new clutch and cable and quadrent ....guy called told me lets go for a ride..no start anti theft light was not flashing fuel pump kicked in and gauges worked but no strt...mechanic went to the front and connected some wire from the fuse box in the engine bay to the battery and car started..he told me I must have pulled something under the dash he thought it would be the cluch savety switched so he by passed it and nothing.....I went home ..next day he called me told me car was good I showed up car start fine from the switch but my rpm gauge stays high up on the 4ks all the time and my theft light is flashing so I refused to take the car home like that .. I need help guys need to get my car out of there ...thanks in advanced ..car also stays running with the theft light on