2002 Gt Fuel cell mod question


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Aug 11, 2020
Kansas City, MO
I've been molesting my 2002 GT for about 6 years now and while working on my roll bar project, I dropped the tank and started thinking about installing a fuel cell. So far my only mods to the actual fuel system are the addition of a 75mm throttle body and 24 lb injectors, although I do have a Diablo custom "91 octane Race" tune currently active (also upgraded to MSD COPs if that would need to be considered). I find the stock fuel system pump runs 54.7gph at approx 35 psi. I want to rebuilt this motor in the future to stay together at 500-550hp. I am going with a 100-150 (200?) shot wet nitrous system to take me there (after rebuild). I have no plans to to add forced air systems. I am looking to add a 12 gallon fuel cell.
My questions are:
1. Most/all fuel cells I find for sale have a return port. As I understand, my stock system does not have a return system. Do I just cap-off this port on the fuel cell or do I need to install a means to return fuel to the cell?
2. With the upgrade in horse power that I plan in the future, what size fuel pump should I install or does it matter as long as I install a regulator?
3. Filter configurations?
4.Lastly, any opinions on internal or external fuel pumps. I know some older internal pump are not easily swapped-out if I need to replace.

Thank you for your time. Not a lot of coherent information out there. Any direct or referenced help is appreciated.
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