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  1. I haven't posted or lurked on this site in years, so I thought I'd stop in and post. I took delivery of my '02 on Halloween day 2001 and still own the car as a second vehicle. I crossed over to the dark side 18 months ago and bought a 2009 BMW 328i coupe, but up until that time the car was my daily driver.

    I just turned 143k on the odometer. This car has been rock solid, the 4.6 might be one of the best engines Ford has ever built. Other than fluid maintenance and tires, the only big money repairs were a new heater core at 96k, and as luck would have it, a fuel pump at 97k. (Expensive month!)
    The car has the original clutch, alternator, starter motor, etc. I haven't changed a tail light bulb or headlight bulb.
    I got 93k out of the original front brake pads. Rotors were cut. Had the pads replaced last summer at 142k. Rotors still in spec. I actually talked to the tech at the Ford dealership where the car has been serviced since I've owned it. I had a hard time believing that the rotors were still good. He spec'd them right in front of me. Good. Wow. Rear rotors were replaced at 73k. Go figure.
    Left rear axle seal was leaking. Removed and replaced during the last brake job at 142k. Differential gear oil changed out in the process. I debated having the axle bearing changed while it was out. I didn't.

    I replaced the original battery back in June of 2010. The summer before, the original serpentine belt at 109k. Not because it was fraying or shot, just a little preventative maintenance. Original spark plugs were yanked at 139k and were clean as a whistle. Ford called for plugs at 100k. I was a little late on that one. LOL
    The engine uses no oil. All oil changes were done between 5 and 7k. Religiously. I've never touched the gear oil in the Tremec 3650. Original hoses. Original shocks, springs and struts. The car is bone stock other than a K&N air filter.
    The only disappointing thing is that the Laser Red tinted clear coat, a truly stunning color when the car was new, has begun to fade in some spots, turning slightly orange-ish. (Think Performance Red) The plastic scoops and the front and rear bumper are the biggest culprits of the fading. This has occurred despite my religious use of Zaino show car polish. No garage unfortunately. The sun is a brutal beast. LOL
    The car was paid off in June of 2006 and has more than paid for itself over the ensuing years. I recently tallied up all the receipts from day one and it totaled slightly more than 5 grand. Two thousand of that was the heater core ($1100, dash board removed! All labor. The core itself was 90 bucks) and the fuel pump. Factoring in the purchase price and the interest on the loan, (Ford credit at 2.9) I figure the cost of ownership over 11 years and change at right around 30 grand, excluding gas and insurance. Not too bad.
    People like to complain about poor quality and brand bash on message boards. None of that here. I'm more than happy with my decision to buy this car as my first new vehicle purchase. My other cars over the years have been pre-owned. Ford=Found On Road Dead. Not the case for me. Now, don't get me started on this BMW that I'm driving..........
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  2. I love the 4.6 I think it is a great engine. I'm in the same boat mines a 98 GT with 147k miles on it and it's as strong and reliable as an ox.
  3. Yeah, I'm with you. I don't see why the engine can't go until 200k+. I doubt I'll run it that deep because I don't use the car as much. I think I've only put 4 thousand miles on it in the past year. Repairs will probably start to come in bunches like they usually do and I'll have to draw the line in the sand and determine if the car is worth putting money into. I'd probably be lucky to get 5 or 6 grand out of it in a private sale. I decided not to trade it in when I bought the BMW because I didn't want to laugh when they would have offered 2 grand (maybe) as trade value. The car is worth a lot more to me than that being that I'm the original owner and know exactly what's in it. The clutch would be the looming expense in my opinion. The pilot bearing has been chirping off and on since 60k! Sounds like a squeaky fan belt.
  4. I hear ya. I'll run my stang till it cannot run anymore. It's not worth trying to sell since it's 15 years old. Heck it's almost a classic lol. I've only had to replace the fuel pump and idler pulley on it. That's it. If it needs some fixing I'll do it until, like you said, it's not worth the cost of a spark plug hehe. I've only put about 2k miles on my car in the last 18 months. the new Dodge Dart is treating me nicely.
  5. I've owned my 2000 GT convertible since 2002. I bought it with just over 4k (57k now) on the meter. I have to say it has treated me well over the years except for the things like wanting parts painted and adding mods. I'm in a rut now with the rear end having issues after a shop destroyed it putting in bearings (yeah that's right, bearings!) and I seem to be chasing problems now. All I want is to get the car back to where it was for a couple of more years so I can sell it and get a new Mustang.

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  6. You car looks good PmA, hopefully they can get it back to the way it was.
  7. Thanks. A few weeks ago I had a new top put on and the shop did a fantastic job. I need a bit of cosmetic work done (I'm OCD with paint issues) and some suspension work after I square away the rear end issue and it should be a fun car again.
  8. My car just rolled over 141k (being supercharged for nearly 50k now), and it's still running awesome. I lost a motor at 118k, but that was entirely my own fault a-la a bad tune. Has been perfect ever since. The only 'maintenance' issues I've had was the infamous intake manifold crack at about 80k and a bad CCRM at 90k. Have literally not had a single other issue with it.

    Can't say the same about my '01 Civic DD. While it's been a great little car, there's ALWAYS some small little issue with it. Bad alternator, or headlight gone out, or 3rd brake light gone out, or valve cover gasket leak, or interior light going out, or door lock not locking, or trunk latch not fully latching, or door speaker going out, or windshield wiper motor going out, etc, etc, etc. It's insane how many small issues I've had with it, and I've only had it 6 months. Had my Mustang for 7 years with only the 2 issues listed above.

    It's like I've told all my friends: the next person I hear say something about how 'reliable' or 'well-built' a Honda is, I'm going to punch them in the mouth.
  9. Update almost four years after I started this thread:
    153k on the clock. Still bone stock with mostly all original major parts. In the process of buying the rest of the clutch parts to finally change out the factory clutch. Car still shifts fine but I'm almost out of pedal travel on the self adjuster. Clutch doesn't release until the pedal is practically on the floor. It's time and I more than got my money's worth on the original. Major components recently replaced are the rear brake calipers and I hung a new set of headlights to replace the original hazed out units.
    I'm keeping this car, I'd like to run it out to 200k. As a second car that averages about 4k a year, that might take another 10 years. LOL
    With that being said, I'll be looking to replace original suspension components after the clutch job. Stuff doesn't last forever.
    High mile GT's chime in! I'd love to see what others have replaced over the years.
  10. I vote two things:
    1. bilstein shocks/struts/quads. :hail2:

    My stock shocks / struts were totally wrecked when I pulled them off at around 60k.

    2. Maximum Motorsports solid steering shaft and solid steering rack bushings
    Didn't know how terrible my rack was working until I got rid of the 100k mile rubber in the steering rack
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking Koni yellows, I know bilstein stuff is real good. Nice heads up on the steering shaft and rack, that is something I never would have thought to look into. Not looking to start pumping huge money into the car, but shocks, struts and springs will do wonders for me, I'm sure.
    I've bought all the clutch peripherals, (Ford Racing TO bearing, pilot bearing, clutch fork, pivot stud, cable with firewall adjuster, and all new hardware.), but I'm still undecided on the clutch and flywheel. I see you have an Exedy. I was debating between the Mach 350 with the Ford Performance flywheel or the McLeod Street Pro with their flywheel. How do you like the Exedy?
  12. Once Ford figured out the intake manifold, the 4.6 2v was one of the toughest engines they built.

    On your suspension stuff, go with MM or Steeda for upgrades or Ford or Moog for OEM type/quality.

    The Sn95 and New Edge cars are really under-appreciated for just how good they are/were in my opinion, with the 96-98 cars in particular being treated almost like the Mustang II by enthusiasts.
  13. I like my exedy but I have more power to contend with (and dont mind a stiffer clutch). At stock power levels the stock clutch works great. If you want more bite then all three options you listed will be very similar.
  14. I have a little over 250, 000 on mine now. I put in 3:73s and rebuilt the rear at 190,000, replaced the engine at about 210,000 and I'm about ready for my third clutch and maybe a rebuilt trans (the last clutch was a junk part store one I had to have stuck in when the car was still my DD; the TO and pivot ball as toast after 50K). The car has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever dealt with.
  15. Wow, 250k is pretty impressive. What did the rear end rebuild entail? Just new bearings and seals or that plus the gears and new clutch packs for the diff? I'm assuming you did it all. I haven't replaced any axle or wheel bearings on the car. I am on my second replacement pinion seal after the local dealership replaced the leaking factory at 142k and then 8k later it was leaking again.:bs:So this time they also replaced the flange.
  16. I didn't get the clutch pack rebuilt when I had the rear end done but I had all the bearings and seals replaced. I'm hoping to deal with the clutch pack pretty soon, since I may have a leak in my pinion seal again too :-/ 210K on the original 40K.
  17. Another one here...2003 GT, 174K on the clock. From when I took delivery in June '03 until about November 2014, it was my daily. Then I picked up my first of 2 Explorers and the GT has been relegated to lighter duties now. I only drive it when the weather is clear...so for the past few days, it's been sitting. And unfortunately I don't have any covered parking for it.

    Anyway, over the years, the biggest items that have been replaced are:
    - Rear end assembly: replaced as a result of an accident, and then again in another accident.
    - Intake manifold: developed a crack in the plastic where it meets the aluminum crossover; replaced in 2012.
    - Water pump: cooling system spewed it's guts at a grocery store parking lot. 2014.
    - Clutch: Made it to about 160K miles before the throwout bearing started squealing like a banshee. 2014.
    - Radiator: Just over a year after the water pump went, up went the radiator. 2015.
    - Alternator: died after 13 years of service...not bad. 2016.
    - 2 COPs: developed a misfire on cylinders 4 and 8; plugs weren't that worn (replaced when the intake was out) so suspected the COPs. Replaced those and all is well again. 2016.

    Other than that, routine maintenance. Regular oil changes, I upgraded the front brakes about 10 years ago to Mach 1 calipers and rotors and now I'm getting ready to replace the rotors and pads all around as the pads are due and the rotors have about 100K on them. Shocks were done with the front brake upgrade so I'll probably look into replacing those next. It's also on battery #3 right now...I've gotten about 5 years out of the first two: first was the factory battery of course, then a DieHard Gold. Now have a DieHard Silver because apparently that size isn't available in Gold anymore? I dunno...it wasn't available the day I needed a new battery anyway.

    The only upgrades that remain on the car are the Bassani exhaust (which needs a new muffler on one side...the baffling has come loose inside), Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, and Ford C-springs. I had a K&N intake on it but took it off as I felt it to be kind of useless and I started to get annoyed at process of cleaning the filter. I'll just buy a new paper one as need and pop that in.

    Still runs like day one! I love it! I need to address some paint issues but that'll be covered by the shop that did the work.
  18. Nice...was the engine replacement necessary or just desired?
  19. Desired. It was getting close to needing timing chain guides and I found a smokin' deal on complete, brand new, intake to oil pan, 2004 Mustang engines so I picked one up.
  20. I have a 99 GT convertible, that I bought a little over a year ago. I've have many problems, and a lot of expense, but I turn my own wrenches so it kept the cost down a bit.

    This car shows 146,000 miles, but I think it has quite a bit less because it has the 373 rear gears and the speedo was not even close when I bought it. (I installed the electronic box that fixed the speedo error)

    This car was originally from Chicago, so it has some rust on it. A friend of mine bought it for his kids to drive to college in 2011, so it was probably in the Chicago area for about twelve years.

    However, I've had no engine problems other than an extensive tune when I first bought it.

    I replaced the fuel injectors (the ones I removed were from three different manufactures and half sprayed and half had a stream)
    I replaced the COP's
    I replaced the brakes, except for the master cylinder, including the three parking brake cables, two brake lines, all four hoses, and two of the ABS sensors.
    I replaced a leaking pinion seal, axle bearings and seals.
    I bought a Ford Racing drive shaft (this fixed a vibration that I couldn't get rid of)
    New tires, and replaced two bent wheels.
    I just replaced the fuel pump and filter.
    I replaced the passenger door window regulator.
    The passenger side rear window stopped working, so I had to replace the wire from the door to the window.
    I replaced the front wheel bearings (hubs)
    I replaced the front anti-sway bar links

    I plan on replacing the convertible top and rear window this spring.
    The rear end has a lot of play and has some noise, so I'll rebuild that in the future sometime.

    All said, this is still a fun car to drive, and I'm even having warm weather now so I can drive with the top down some days.

    I didn't pay very much for the car, and I've learned a lot about mustangs pretty quickly.

    I bought a 96 F150 new, with the 5.0 and automatic; it has been almost perfect with very few repairs.

    I enjoy your forum!