2002 Gt Or 2009 High Miles?

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  1. Looking to buy another Mustang. Found a great deal on a low mileage 2002 GT. also found a good deal on a 2009 V6 with high miles. I like them both. Which would be a better purchase? Looking for this car to be my daily driver in the summer.
  2. Whats the milage and price of each?
  3. Tough choice. The 2002 has the better engine, the 2009 is the better car.

    The 4.0L V6 in the '09 is not only gutless, but it's noisy and rough. That was a truck engine the dropped into the Mustang as filler because they didn't have anything suitable at the time.

    It's really going to depend on price and mileage of both?
  4. Why not find something in the middle? Maybe an 05 or 06 GT. I've seen GTs up to 08 go for around $18,000.