2002 Gt - Time For Tune Up

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  1. Another update guys. The gaskets in the front seemed to be a bit broken up & left the most amount of very hard residue. Should I clean them more or is that good enough? Its a real PAIN to scrape that stuff not wanting to damage anything....what a mission just taking my time and have no major hang ups except crappy bolts under wire harnesses that just are ridiculous.

    But yeah its going luckily don't have to rush the job but ehhh...

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  2. Also my Injectors are FILTHY. I can not express the amount of sludge and dirt that has been sitting... Can I use throttle body cleaner to spray them down and dry?
  3. Scratch the injectors question; any input on getting that coolant crap off so I can confidently put these gaskets on and continue.
  4. No one has any input to the condition of the front gaskets condition......need that vote of confidence don't want to put it back together and spray a leak because of some cooked coolant.....

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  5. Well, I've had lots of "luck" with a proper gasket scraper tool, and some razor blades, and some "elbow grease".

    You may want to consider sending your injectors to a place like http://www.injectorrx.com

    Finally, I don't have any confidence with MAF cleaning, even with the "right stuff". You may be happier with a new MAF altogether. I know I was.
  6. Yeah the front two valves seem to have minor corrosion on the block I am thinking? Is it recommended to use any permatex gasket sealer in this case a light layer on those two areas; I believe I heard it is normally not recommended with these engines.

    Other than my hands & some plastic wire harness clips all has been smooth.

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  7. Regardless of getting the block CLEAN which I have; I have the minor erosion spots is it recommended to use any gasket sealer? If so what type, the black stuff a real fine layer to just those bad spots..... I don't need this thing to leak and fail on me again anytime soon.
  8. Man there are all types of youtube videos on replacing the intake manifold. It is easy and will save you a bunch of money. You may be able to find a really good used one on Craigslist or a new one from Late Model Restoration.
  9. Yeah I am over half way done. I only got set back because of some minor noobie stuff & a defective intake; took another week to get here. Some winds set me back; finally got a torque wrench and rest of the tools to put it back together tomorrow morning.
  10. Lesson learned today broke driver side alternator bracket bolt mind slipped & I was rotating bolts & took the head right off.......only casualty so far putting it back together I was so close to being done. I did not run it with just the 3 bolts some have said on another forum I could maybe get a way with it?......