SOLD 2002 Gt, True Blue, 52k Miles, Herndon, Virginia

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  1. I have reached the point where I've decided to let the Mustang go. As you can tell by the miles, I don't drive it all that much and I really believe cars should be driven, not just be garage queens.

    I'm asking $9500 obo. I'd prefer not to ship it anywhere. I can drive it up to 100 miles out. Not interested in a trade, need the cash.

    I've taken good care of it, oil changes every 6-12k with Mobile One. The exterior is almost completely stock, just added a mach chin spoiler and changed out for replica bullet wheels, 17x9 in front, 17x10.5 in back.

    Lowered about 1.5" with a saleen kit that replaced shocks, springs, sway bar, and bushings. There is no rubbing, the ride isn't too stiff, and it got rid of much of the infamous mustang front-end dive. I've also done full-length subframe connections.

    The big mod is the S/C. Put on Vortech SQ Trim. It was professionally installed, not a garage hack job. It was dyno tuned at excessive motorsports. 352rwhp, 372rwtq. The tune is not very aggressive as the engine is still all stock otherwise. I haven't ragged the crap out of it, but I haven't babied it either. Again, I believe a car should be driven. As part of the S/C, the injectors are swapped to 42# and I swapped to a cobra gas tank and pump to keep up. There is also an Anderson power pipe installed and I dropped a pully size, maxing around 10# of boost.

    Stereo was replaced with an Alpine 9813. Nothing special about it. Infinity components in all four corners using the stock mounting points, so it looks stock and clean. Driving them with Rockford fosgate 4 channel amp. The sub is an Alpine Type R with another fosgate amp driving it. The speakers should probably be replaced, they are starting to get tinny, but that is an easy job.

    Front tires have less than 2k miles on them. Rears have about 11k miles on them. BFGs, fronts are 275/35, rears are 315/30s. Front is KDW2, rears are KDs (I think, not positive).

    Passes VA emissions and Safety inspection with not modifications needed. Just pull in and it passes.

    There are some minor paint blemishes on the front from bugs, there is a small dent in the driver rear quarter panel where a bicycle fell over in the garage on to it (shakes fist at spouse). Paint has been polished and waxed every year or two, so it is in very good condition otherwise.

    Miles are under 52k. Around 51,500 or so...

    I have a running craigslist ad you can respond to here:


    20131005-IMG_6425_zpsb9d4353c.jpg 2ndchip_dyno_zps500ae50b.jpg IMG_6729_zps72fb5872.jpg IMG_6730_zpse8ab0561.jpg IMG_6742_zps42caad7c.jpg
  2. Your CL Ad expired.
    Im interested @ $7k
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