2002 Mustang GT - 49k miles

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  1. I actually just bought this car 3 months ago, and REALLY do not want to sell it, but my wife and I need to clear a few things out before we pack up and move. I plan to buy another in the next year though :D I am pretty new to this forum, but have been a member on corral for 4 years, and numerous other automotive forums.

    First off...pictures: 2002 Mustang GT pictures by hugezombie - Photobucket

    2002 GT, 5 speed, 49k miles, white exterior, black leather interior.

    Mods: BBK CAI, Eibach pro lowering springs, BBK O/R X pipe with flowmaster 40- series mufflers, and accel plugs.

    The car is in very good shape...there are no rock chips, or dents, but there are 2 holes in the front bumper in front of the grill where I assume the past owner had a mach 1 insert. The clear has peeled in one place behind the driver side rear quarter window (pictured). The clutch feels great, and the car shifts smooth...no griding at all. This car has been used as a nice weather car most of its life, but has been caught in a few rain storms...but it has never seen snow.

    To be honest, the only thing the exterior of this car needs is a good buff to eliminate the swirl marks that are there....I do realize white does not really show swirl marks unless in certain light, but I am pretty anal when it comes to my cars being near perfect:nice:

    Looking for $8500 - The title is currently in my possession as well. PM me if you have questions:cheers:

    **I forgot to mention, I am in Central Illinois, and am willing to drive a bit to meet half way if needed. I do prefer to do the transaction in person as opposed to shipping the car - in case any problems were to arrise - and its always a pain trying to mail a title to someone.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.