2002 Mustang gt clutch HELP!!

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How can i fix this?

  1. new flywheel

  2. clutch

  3. more horses

  4. put on wrong

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  1. ok so i put a new clutch in my 2002 mustang gt without a new flywheel the clutch that i put in is a performance clutch and holds up to 600 horses. My mustang is stock besides the new clutch but now everytime in the low rpms the transmission shakes a bit is my mustang not pushing enough horses for this new clutch or do i just need a new flywheel or is something else wrong.
  2. 1. You put in a clutch for a 260hp car, but meant to hold 600hp?
    2. Did you have the flywheel resurfaced?
    3. Did you research what you were doing?
    4. What you are experiencing is not not your transmission shaking. It is clutch chatter.
    5. What clutch did you go with, and why?
  3. Answer all the questions Winters said.

    Putting that kind of clutch into a stock car was not the right move. Sounds like you over-clutched the car and now you are feeling the consequences.
  4. I voted for all four.... cause:

    a. you need a new/resurfaced flywheel

    b. you need a new clutch that's less aggressive and more appropriate for your car

    c. everyone needs more horses... yourself included

    d. it was probably installed wrong as well
  5. why would you put that kind of clutch in a stock car?
  6. It's nearly impossible to install a clutch wrong. As far as the advice you are getting, clutch chatter sounds like what you are experiencing but it may work itself out after a while. New clutches have a break-in period. I replaced mine with a close to stock Spec 1 and had a bit of chatter with it as well. I wouldn't be too concerned with issues performance-wise required for 600HP but it does make it stiffer and may always have some chatter to it.

    What issues did you have with the old one and why you had to replace it?
  7. That's true. I installed a RAM HDX clutch last summer and right away it was incredibly grabby and I actually stalled my car like 10 times the first day. It's loosened up a lot now and it's much easier to slip the clutch to get her moving from a stop... anyways, may be a break in thing that will resolve itself in time
  8. mustang gt clutch help

    it is nearly impossible to install the clutch wrong i dont think is that but it is a ram hdx clutch and holds up to 600 horses i dont know if its that or the flywheel because i did not resurface and i did not buy a new one but should it still be shaking my tranny a little bit because as soon as i take off at 3thousand rpm it takes of smooth or does it just need to be broken in an added more horses
  9. Huh... I also installed a ram HDX clutch last summer and it says its rated for 450 hp...

    Anyways, the point is I took it easy on the new clutch for about 500 miles during which it was really grabby and difficult to slip. Once past the break in period the pedal effort was minimal, it was easy to slip on take off, and she had no problem chirping 2nd and 3rd gear :nice:

    Perhaps if you give it some time it will get better.
  10. clutch

    i will let you know because it is already like about 300 miles on it and it only shakes or chatter alot barely noticable on the low rpms and is not noticable in the high rpms maybe its just the clutch cause thats how their built or the it might be in need of a flywheel or it can be cause my car is stock and the clutch is too grabby
  11. how does it feel in your car when the clutch chatters
  12. You never said whether or not you had your flywheel resurfaced. That's an incredibly important step when replacing the clutch.
  13. clutch

    no i never had my flywheel resurfaced sorry forgot ro mention that
  14. no i did not resurface the flywheel sorry forgot to mention that
  15. I got a Fidanza 2.1 clutch. Not overkill by any stretch but it developed a crazy shudder that would shake the whole car, especially on hills. I had the flywheel resurfaced when it went in. The problem was the clutch fingers weren't engaging correctly and caused the clutch to engage at an angle so it would not engage the full 360* of the clutch face. Only part of the clutch was engaging when slipping. When we pulled it down only 3/4" of the clutch face was even being used instead of the full 2".

    I learned the hard way...and maybe you did too. Just go with stock parts unless you're building a not stock car.
  16. I didn't resurface my flywheel. Just made sure there weren't any imperfections. I've been fine.
  17. I also have had the problem with my RAM clutch in my '02. For the first 1000 miles the car shook like crazy and it chattered pretty bad. Im at 1471 on the odometer since the install and it is still chattering and shaking but nowhere near as bad. its a metal clutch and I had my flywheel resurfaced. Only 100-150 of those break in miles were in the city so im leaning on that so far. Its slowly going away as i drive it short distances more. Like everyone else says, go with what your application calls for, not some crazy 500+ tq/hp rated clutch. If you have a stock GT then a replacement factory clutch or a stage 1 should work fine.

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