2002 Mustang Gt Coupe, Heavily Customized. Must See

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Aug 6, 2012
Letting my baby go... I just got an approval back for a house I want to buy, so this has to go for my down payment money. This is a lot of car for the money and is going to make someone real happy. You won't find this much car for this price...

This car has been my baby for the last 7 years, I'm the second owner, and I really hate to see it go, but it's time I let someone else enjoy the car and all the work that's been put into it. I've done quite a bit of performance, handling and cosmetic work to the car, I have over $10,000 just in parts and materials in the car, not including what I paid for the car or any of the labor to do the work. It is very much a drivers car, it never fails to put a smile on my face. I am letting it go for a fraction of what I have in it, but I'm well aware that you never get the money back that you put into these cars.

I will try to list everything that's been done to the car but I'm sure I'll miss something, if you want to know more just let me know. Please read the ad, I took quite a bit of my time to put as much information in here as possible to answer any little questions.

2002 Mustang GT Premium Coupe - 101,xxx miles, mostly highway, NEVER smoked in.
- 5 Speed Manual
- Leather Interior
- Mach 1000 Stereo System with new Clarion headunit with bluetooth/usb/aux/remote/etc...

- Matte Black Paint
- Full Custom Body Kit with Mesh, has been modified (Front and Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts, Hood, Quarter Window Scoops)
- Custom Fabricated Fenders
- Blacked-out Headlights
- Sequential Taillight Kit
- Tinted Windows
- Billet Grille and Interior Accessories
- Adjustable Glow Gauges
- Staggered 19" Wheels with newer tires
- MGP Caliper Covers
- Two-Toned Black/Red Interior

- Long Tube Ceramic Headers, Magnaflow Exhaust, Borla Intercooled Exhaust Tips
- Cold Air Intake
- Professional Products Polished Intake Manifold
- Throttle Body and Intake Plenum Spacers
- Underdrive Pulleys
- Hypertech Power Programmer
- Accel Performance Coils
- Ford Racing 4.10 Gears
- Short-Throw Shifter

- Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars
- Upper and Lower Rear Control Arms
- Weld-in Subframe Connectors
- New H&R Super Sport Lowering Springs and Tokico Shocks
- Caster/Camber Plates
- Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings and Iso's
- Crossed-drilled/Slotted Rotors

I've always run Mobil 1 full synthetic motor oil in the car, and recently serviced both the transmission and rear end with Royal Purple. The car has never seen a winter and has been garaged it's whole life. Just put in a new 760 cranking amps battery a few months ago.

There are a couple things that need to be done to the car, but nothing serious, I just have other vehicles and haven't had the time. I hit a small animal that ran out in front of me due to how low this car sits to the ground and it cracked the fiberglass on the front bumper and drivers side skirt. I also forgot to put the hood pins back in and it flew up on me as soon as I left and cracked and chipped the paint on the hood, you can somewhat see both in the pics. None of the above are even noticeable from more than about 20 feet away. All pics were just taken and uploaded, so this is how it looks as we speak, dirt and all.

There is also an ABS sensor that's bad and needs to be replaced, but I haven't taken the time to figure out which one because all it did was make it to where I don't have to push the button to shut the traction control off every time I get in the car, and I know how to drive without ABS....

I purchased the Ford Racing carbon fiber clutch pack for the rear diff a few months ago, but haven't had the time to install it yet, it's still brand new in the box. I have the stock rear spoiler for it as well, painted to match the car, I just liked it better without it. I also have a few strips of red LED's that I planned on wiring into the fog lights and interior, but haven't got there yet either. All of which will go with the car unless the buyer doesn't want them.

This was my daily driver except for during bad weather. I parked it in my garage and have been driving my truck for the past few months as I planned on finishing the work to this car and getting it into show condition, but I've had too much going on and haven't got a chance to start on it. It runs and drives great, I make sure I start it and at least move it out into my driveway every once in a while, mainly just to piss off my neighbor who hates the car. :) Everyone seems to have lovingly nicknamed it the Batmobile, it turns a lot of heads and attracts a lot of attention everywhere I go, kids love the car. The car gets 26-28 mpg on the highway, as long as you can manage to keep your foot out of the firewall, which everyone is impressed with considering the performance the car has. I test drove a new SS Camaro when they came out just for the hell of it and it didn't come close to comparing with the performance of this car. You will not be disappointed, this is an awesome car, the pics don't do it justice.

Again, I'm only selling the car due to needing down payment money for a house, otherwise the car wouldn't be going anywhere. I'm not looking forward to the day someone brings me the money and takes it from me. Asking $12,500 OBO, will consider partial trades, but must have atleast $5,000 in cash with trade, prefer more but will consider all offers. If you have any questions, just let me know. I have more pics, but they'll only upload 10. The car is located in Independence, MO in the midwest. Will be happy to work out arrangements to deliver the car within reason...


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