2002 Mustang GT - Maximum Motorsports, Mach 1, FR500

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  1. $9,495 obo
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    2002 Mustang GT Premium. Fully loaded. I bought her with only 17k miles or so & have babied her ever since. Mobil 1 synthetic 5w20 every 3,500mi, all Ford scheduled regular maintenance done at or before required mileage. Never driven hard!!! I’ll take her out for “spirited” drives from time-to-time, but I DO NOT beat on my vehicles. There are no squeaks or rattles which are typical of this generation Mustang. Hand washed whenever possible. 3-4 details/waxing per year. I use only Maguire’s, Mothers, & Collinite show wax on her paint. Even the interior is in near perfect shape – including the leather. The mileage – 93k – is low considering the year (assuming 15k/yr). I actually kept her mileage very low until about 3 years ago when I was promoted. Since then, the majority of the miles have been accumulated on the highway. The car was repo'd from the previous owner w/out the keys, so the bank had the car titled w/out knowing the actual mileage – therefore, the title reads the mileage as – not actual. However, after I purchased the car, I had the mileage verified (by the ECU), at a Ford Authorized Service Center & was subsequently entitled to the remainder of the factory warranty through Ford.

    Here are a few vids. Kinda crappy quality - were taken with my iPhone, but I think its enough to get an idea.
    YouTube - drive 3
    YouTube - drive 2
    YouTube - walk around

    Now – on to the fun stuff:

    Diablosport Predator tuner
    Mac 2.5" O/R X-Pipe
    Magnaflow 2.5" Stainless Steel Cat-back
    Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
    Fidanza aluminum flywheel
    Fiore clutch quadrant
    Fiore firewall clutch adjuster
    Motive 3.73 rear gears w/ Royal Purple synthetic lube
    BBK Progressive Rate rear Springs w/o rear iso's (R 2.25" drop)
    FR500 18x9/10 wheels Hypercoated
    Falken Zien Front tires 265/35/18 - BRAND NEW! $480
    BFG KDW2 Rear 295/35/18
    Ford Racing front control arms
    Ford Racing Cobra Calipers w/ 13" 2000 Cobra R Brembo Rotors
    Ford Racing 2003/4 Cobra Terminator rack & pinion
    Maximum Motorsports urethane shortened sway bar end links
    Maximum Motorsports urethane sway bar bushings
    Maximum Motorsports aluminum steering rack bushings
    Maximum Motorsports 4-bolt camber/caster plates
    Maximum Motorsports rear lower control arms
    Maximum Motorsports Bilstein Shocks/Struts
    Maximum Motorsports coil over conversion w/ 350# 10" hypercoil springs
    Kenny Brown Sub frame connectors
    Kenny Brown Strut Tower brace (chrome)
    Kenny Brown Jacking Rails
    2003/4 Mach 1 Seats front/rear
    2003/4 Mach 1 instrument cluster
    2003/4 Mach 1/Bullitt shift knob
    2003/4 Mach 1 center consol w/ shifter ring
    2003/4 Mach 1/Bullitt door locks
    Color coded door trim
    Color coded mirrors
    Roush Stage 3 Front fascia (complete)
    Spoiler delete
    GT badge delete on trunk lid
    "Mustang" bumper lettering
    Polished "Powered by Ford" emblems

    img8191b.jpg [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A sharp eye will notice the Mach 1/ Bullitt c-pillars and the fr500 steering wheel in the pictures - both have been replaced with originals, but everything else in the pictures is how she sits now. I am negotiable so don't hesitate to call!
  2. Gorgeous car! GL with the sale! That would make a perfect DD!
  3. Thanks! She's always been a good car. My hope was to keep it and make it a dedicated track car (ie. Road America), hence the selective suspension components, but that will have to wait for now. I'll pick up something again later.
  4. I'm at the same road block, might have to part with my car for a while and build another one later on down the road. GL

    Free bump!
  5. Add a FR500 steering wheel to the list........ I love mine. Nice machine!

  6. yeah. i had one, and i liked it, but that was the one piece i told my dad i'd sell to him when mine went up for sale. to be honest, i'm not a big guy (5'10" 200lbs) and the stocker fits without hitting my legs much better.
  7. bump for video
  8. Are you interested in any trades I have a 02 Vert in really clean shape with low miles. It is the one in my avatar
  9. No trades. Sorry. I picked up a CTS-V this past springs as my daily driver (can no longer afford a toy and a winter beater:)). I may be shopping for another 'stang in the future, but for now I have to let it go.
  10. Thats cool! Well good luck with the sale, thats a nice lookin ride.
  11. ^thanks man
  12. ...still for sale
  13. NEW PRICE! $9,995!
  14. where are you located?
  15. sorry for the delay - i'm in appleton, wi. about 40min south of Green Bay.
  16. bump for new price... $9,495 obo
  17. is this still for sale? :bump:
  18. sorry about such a delayed response but yes! she's still for sale. tucked in my garage as of now:)
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