2002 mustang gt need info

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  1. I am looking at a 2002 GT mustang. It has 32,000 miles on it and is in excellent shape. They are asking 15,500 for it. Is this a good price? What are the best bang for the buck upgrades I can do to it. And also what is a good after market intake for it. I would want to get rid of the plastic one. What trans. does it have? What would be the best rear gear and what is the factory gear? Thanks for the help!
  2. Price seems about right, but I'd try to talk them down to $14k if you can.

    you are limited with intake manifolds, and the ones there are cost from $600-$1200, and wont add the power to justify the cost unless you are highly modified.

    Best basic mods are gears, mid-pipe and shifter.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks

    Thanks for the help. Also is there a ram air kit for these cars?
  4. Gears: Stock is 3.27. Everyone gets Ford Racing 4.10's.
    Price: I paid that for my 02 GT Vert w/ $5k in mods. I'd try to get it for $14k.
    Intake: I have had a MAC Straight Shot, loved it.
    Trans: It has a Tremec T3650. I have had problems with this tranny before, so be sure to drive it more than a mile or two before you buy.
  5. Yeah, you should be careful about the transmission. I lucked out with my 02 GT, apparently the previous owner decided not to do a lot of racing! Anyways, just make sure everything feels smooth, and that it goes into every gear okay. Other than that, just make sure the engine pulls like it should, listen for any odd noises. I also have the MAC straight shot intake, looks & sounds good (plus adds a little power). Cat-back exhausts are a popular early-mod as well, since it makes the stangs sound SO MUCH BETTER!!! Other than that, just check for any other normal things, looks like you are getting a good deal mileage wise, but I would still try and talk him down a little more. :nice:
  6. Well it depends on what intake your referring too. The filter housing and arm or the upper intake manifold. For the intake/arm there are tonnes out there, Steeda, K&N, mac, bbk etc.
    For the manifold, you'll be looking at a few bucks. 4.10's are the way to go whethor your stick or auto. The Auto is a 4R70W and are apparently really good, although mine went last year. Its cool because i have 5 year warranty on the tranny now and a new high stall torque convertor so i can bag the **** out of it and not have to worry.

    I paid 15,500 canadian for my 2000 Mustang with the same mileage.
  7. LOL! Not everyone, I got Motive 3.90s :)

    That sounds high unless it's a vert. I only paid 14,8 for my 2002 with 28,000 miles a year and a half ago. I think 12-13K would be more in line.

    Edit: Edmunds.com is saying $11,900/13,200 for private sale/dealer price.
  8. i paid 12k for my 01gt with 19943 mi
  9. Seems high to me.

    I paid $16K for my '03 premium 2 years ago with 10K miles on it
  10. I paid 18000 on my 03 centennial but I got it in 04 with 13000 miles on it.
  11. sounds like a lot of money....I bought my 02 GT with only 7,000 miles on the clock for $16k.....get them down to at least 12k ...13 at the most