2002 Mustang V6 Plastidip Touch-up


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Oct 8, 2015
Story: This Mustang is parked in my friend's driveway. He has been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember, and this car has sat still in their driveway for the same amount of time. (We will just call him D.) Now, this 'stang doesn't belong to D's family. It belongs to a kid who paid to leave it there, as he needed a more spacious car to haul stuff off to college. So over 8 years pass and there is no word from the kid who left it there, even with D's father trying on multiple occasions to email and call the kid and his family. They skipped town because they must've not had the money to pay back D's family. (It was over $8000 owed). D's father is now taking a case to court to earn legal ownership of the car, and has a great chance of getting it.
Enough about the past; lets talk about the future. D wants a Jeep Wrangler for his 16th birthday, and D's brother has an '82 Porsche that he restored, leaving no heir to the vehicle. That is when I decided to step up to the plate. After some engine repairs, new tires, and a fuel tank drainage (all much needed), the car should be mechanically sound enough for D's father to sell to me. There is a possibility that the engine is fine, and the oxidation inside doesn't mean anything, as a locksmith gave a key to the interior, but obviously couldn't snag an ignition key or fob.
Plans: I am going to be purchasing plenty of black, spray-on Plastidip. With this, I am going to be doing an aesthetic makeover on a budget. I have seen how good Plastidip looks on Mustangs, especially the '99-'04 cars. So using all that was available to me, I have made a crude looking concept of what it should look like. I know, I know; MS paint... Har har har. I do not have/am not good at photoshop. Keep in mind that the car isn't in the best of conditions after being left out that long, and I also apologize for the surroundings on the pictures, as D sent me the pictures over Instagram Direct Message, and are from my phone. What can I say? I worked with what I had. Please show some support as this is my first thread on the site, and this car is going to be my first car. Show some love <3 (Trunk lid, decals, light borders, rims, and spoiler all Plastidipped.)
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Jul 30, 2015
Just some advice... If youre going to be doing random body lines like that, i would tape off exactly where you want it because plastidip is going to need more than a few coats. also itll be hard doing those wheels like that, maybe just all black? and i always liked the spoiler removed, just looks cleaner. Any idea what he wants to sell it to you for?