2002 Rousch Stage 1???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by admdavs, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Well, since there is not a Rousch category post, this question is for anyone to answer. I'm looking for advice about whether a 2002 Rousch Stage 1 with only 6K miles would be a good deal for $15,900? I would get it from a dealer here in Illinois- probably get the extended warranty, even though it has about a year and a half coverage under factory. Does anyone have any advice about this possible purchase?? :shrug:
  2. 2001 Stage 1 for $15K

    Are we talking about the V8 GT verson?

    If so, I'd say definately!!!!!!

    Remember the Stage 1 doesn't have the suspension upgrades the Stage 2. It will contain a hot looking body kit and racing pedigree. ;)
  3. Find the original value and the current value of a regular 2002 GT. Go to the roush website, find the price for the stage one package with the options it has.

    so then just do a little math.
    Current worth = current value + ((stage 1 package)x(current value/original value))