2002 Roush Stage 1?

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  1. Hey guys does anyone here know anything about the value of a 2002 Roush Stage 1 Mustang? I found one with black cloth interior and 144k miles. I know a regular mustang gt of that year would be worth around 5,000 (Even though they don't go for that around here). I guess its sort of a its worth what someone will pay for it kind of deal. Im including the craigslist ad below, it says it gets 320 at the wheel with only upgraded exhaust which seems off to me unless they've done more they haven't listed. Also I've never driven a manual as a DD only my dads old truck a few times. Would you really enjoy driving a manual every day in traffic?

    Heres the link http://okaloosa.craigslist.org/cto/4534782167.html
  2. Is it a V6 or GT (cant tell by the pics). The Stage 1's were basically an appearance-only package. Perhaps he hit a "3" instead of a "2" as far as the power? There is absolutely no way in hell it makes 320rwhp.
  3. I would assume a GT due to it having the side scoops which may be including in the roush package who knows, I just reread the ad and noticed they had new heads and cams installed which makes the 320rwhp seem more realistic
  4. Ehh, I would still take it with a grain of salt. Ask him for:

    1. Mileage
    2. Head specs
    3. Cam specs
    4. Dyno chart
  5. I would absolutely want to see the dyno chart for proof. However, 320Hp at the wheels with a nice set of heads/cams and other bolt-ons isn't that outlandish. The interior seems a bit suspect to me b/c I see no Roush shifter, no white face gauges, no aux. gauges, no Roush floor mats, no serial # plate etc. Now these are all superficial things that can be removed but I would definitely want to verify if this is indeed a true Roush before forking over the cash. There are Roush owners on the site who can definitely help you out I'm sure.

    My daily driver GT is a 5 spd car and it's not an issue to me at all. But, if I had to sit in stop & go traffic for hours every single day it might wear on me a little.
  6. He said he has proof of authenticity, if I can get a pic of that Ill be sure to post it.