Saleen 2002 S281 S/C vert pricing help!

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  1. My first post here as I just located a car that has caught my attention. I don't know hardly anything about these cars so I thought this would be the best place to get some knowledge about it. The car is a 2002 black convertible with 24,356 miles and they are asking $22,990 I have not seen the car in person or called to talk to the dealer. I'm curious if this is a good price or if they have it listed high. Its a dealer so I'm figuring they do. They say to call for more info. so that is all i know at this point. A couple pics of car.

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  2. Check out the spec sheets available at under Literature, and be sure you call 800-888-8945 with the Ford VIN to ensure it's real. Then do your homework and double-check it in person before you buy.
  3. Im looking to

    Im looking at a 2002 GT conv, stick. Its also a Sleen, which Im not sure what that means.