2002 True Blue Lightning

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  1. This is a very nice 2002 true blue Lightning(1103 made). Truck has 111,000 miles on the body but 2004 engine only has 16,000 miles. that runs 8.15 on supercharger in eigth mile and 7.60s on 100 shot of nitrous. Does not use any oil. The truck is very depedable and fast. It has alot of accessories listed below.

    New engine with 16,000 miles
    .20 bored
    manley rods
    manley pistons
    Cold air intake
    4lb crank pully
    aftermarket throttle body
    Aftermarket plenum
    2600 PI convertor
    160 degree thermostat
    Custom tune
    Aftermarket heat exchanger
    Traction bars
    Chrome wheels
    Pioneer stereo
    Brand new brakes.

    The truck has 480 rwhp and 570 ibs of torque on 100 shot. On supercharger it is 381 rwhp and 470 ibs of torque. Since I have purchased the truck it has not given me a minutes problem.

    last time i was at gateway it ran 12.4 at 110 without nitrous

    asking 16,900
    willing to trade

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