2003 10th anniversary for $30,000

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  1. I can get one for that price on the "D-plan". What do you all think. I am seriously considering it. They have one at my local dealership and it is calling my name. I was going to hold out for a 2005+ but the more I look at the 2005, the less I like it.

    Is it a good car? what are some folks experiences with the 2003? Is it worth the $$$?

    Thought, feelings, suggestions? :shrug:
  2. I paid 38,500 for mine out the door. :(
  3. $30,000 :shrug:

    Jump on it. :nice:
  4. Well if you compare it to the 99/01 Cobras that were that price, and then you drive each one and compare again--well it's a no brainer if you want a cobra and you can afford the $30K price. It's a much better car than the 99/01 that's for sure.
  5. The thing is, I am a classic guy. I have a lot of experience with the 65 to 68 Mustangs and next to no experience with late models. I have only driven a 99 V6 for about 10 miles. So you could say I am late model stupid.

    What are the warranty breaking upgrades?
    What are the most effective non warranty breaking upgrades?
    What are the trouble areas of a 2003?
    Is there anything I should be concerned about before I buy?

    Thanks all!
  6. I got mine for 32,000 I got a 3 year 36,000mi warranty that can be extended to a 7 yr. 75,000mi for like a grand and I have till the first expires to purchase it. However I'm not exactly sure what breaks it and what does I guess it depends from dealer to dealer. and the problem areas have to be the rear end this summer I have seen 2 03 cobras break thier halfshafts. also the trans is a little noisy and its hard to shift. Overall I love my car and despite all its weaknesses I love it.
  7. 03 Cobra

    People who know me think Im nuts because I had an 01 Cobra in perfect con. people who didnt know better thought it was new. I went from my mildly modded 93 GT to the 01 and thought it was great. Until I got smoked by a couple of 03s and an SRT 4 actually gave me a run for my money during a highway pull. I priced out some 03s drove one and it was over! I even ended up with the same color. :nice: I pay $100 more a month(because I only made 7 payments on my 01 and was upside down) $25 more for ins. And I F#[email protected] love it!!!!! Couldnt be happier. Best all around car I have ever driven thats less than 55K. :hail2:
  8. I paid $31,100 with X-plan, over-all I would say $30K is a decent price. Which color 10th ANN is it?
  9. I bought mine a couple of months ago.....and I love it.Its the most fun and fastest car i've ever owned..theres some negitive people out there,but most of them dont own one and probably couldnt if they wanted...lol...the only thing that takes getting used to is wheel hop sometimes depending on road surface and temp...but there are some quick and painless fixes for that .. adj. rear shocks,irs bushings ect...once you get on it and hear that factory super charger whine and feel the power I think you'll be hooked like my self and many others .Good luck with your choice...from a cobra owner I say go for it....I have no second thoughts and would do it again.. :nice:
  10. I hear that, it pisses me off to no end....one of the reasons I registered here is to find out if everyone else was having the same problem..... :(
  11. Wheel hop is my only REAL complaint. BUT I think I have alot to do with it, going from a rear drive V-8 solid axle car to this should be different, maybe I need to learn more also.

    BUT my 1989 Thunderbird SC had an 8.8 w/IRS. That IRS was much better than this one, although it only had 260-270 ft-lbs at the wheels to deal with.

    Also, with the magnaflow exhaust rowing through the gears in this thing is FANFCKINGTASTIC. The only thing I have seen that reminds me of it is "Eleanor" in gone in 60 seconds, when it is being driven HARD. The sound, the speed, the rush. SwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT!
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  13. :nice: Well said[/QUOTE]I've got Borla Stingers and the sound and power combo is a rush!
  14. $30,000 is CHEAP! I would buy it if I were you if you really really like the 2003 styling.
  15. Imagine what you can get a regular 03 cobra for? From what I have seen at Ford.com they are all over the place with many dealers having 3 or 4 still on the lot. If you don't care all that much for the special rims and red seats I say go for a regular 03 and save even more.
  16. Get the 10th anniversary. And then come out to some of the washington get togethers.
  17. Buy it. I traded in my 99 Cobra in September for an 03. Best decision ever. You won't regret it!
  18. Ya, I'm about to go for a "non anniversary edition" 03 Cobra. They seem to be coming down in price, especially if you look at buying it from a private seller. I've seen them come all the way down to $24,500.